Welcome to the new ASNA.com! We’ve been pounding on the keyboard for several months on it and hope you enjoy it. We’re still moving articles and other content into the new site, but it’s feature-complete now. If you notice something missing from the old site please let us know at info@asna.com.

User accounts don't carry over 🙁

You don’t need an ASNA.com user account to use most of the site, but you do need an account to be able to download ASNA software products. We know it’s not very user friendly and we apologize for that, but your old ASNA.com account doesn’t carry over and you’ll need to create a new one to download products. It only takes a couple of minutes to do. 

Before you continue, if is very important that you clear your browser cache (or at least your old ASNA.com cookies) before using your new ASNA.com account. See the links below for help clearing browser cookies.

To create an account, click the “Create a new account” menu option under the “Account button” at the toṗ of the home page.

Register for

You’ll be prompted for Company, User Name. First Name, Last Name, Email address, and your password. After you’ve provided that information and clicked “Register,” you’ll receive an account confirmation email from us with a confirmation link. After you’ve clicked that confirmation link, you’re all set.

Clear browser cookies from Chrome

Clear browser cookies from Edge 

Clear browser cookies from FireFox 

If your browser isn’t shown, search the Internet for how to delete cookies for your browser.