Summary: There is a substantial demand for IBM i mobile applications. To fulfill this need, ASNA Mobile RPG empowers RPG programmers to create new mobile applications using their traditional programming skills and tools. Mobile RPG distills the technologies needed to create great mobile applications into a simple RPG model that requires no steep learning curves, no hassles, and no tradeoffs.

BARCELONA, Spain and SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA, November 8, 2012. ASNA is proud to announce ASNA Mobile RPG™.  Mobile RPG (MR) enables IBM i programmers to create powerful mobile applications with ILE RPG. MR presents a state-of-the-art mobile user interface at runtime, but during development presents its Mobile Display File to the ILE RPG programmer as a traditional display file object. Any RPG programmer can create a mobile application with ASNA MR in just a few hours.

Says ASNA CEO, Carlos Valero, “We’ve extensively researched the IBM i community’s mobile application needs. There is demand for the ability to create great mobile applications quickly and effectively without needing to spend months learning mobile-specific technologies. That is exactly the need that ASNA Mobile RPG fills. With MR, RPG programmers very quickly deliver the mobile applications their workforce needs—without needing to learn new programming languages and without tradeoffs in the quality of the mobile application or its user interface.”

The only programming skills required to create an MR application are traditional ILE RPG skills. There are no additional RPG libraries or APIs you need to learn, no deferred 200-page manuals to study, and no special files or other unusual artifacts in your code. The MR Mobile Display File is seen by the RPG program as a traditional display file object. Data is written to and read from that display file with plain ol’ RPG. The MR UI is presented to users as a rich HTML application, able to run on Android, Apple, and Windows mobile devices. You don’t need to learn Java, Objective C, and XAML—all you need with MR is your existing RPG skills.

The ASNA Mobile RPG UI designer is Windows-based. RPG developers use it to rapidly create the Mobile Display File. Once the UI is created, it is exported as a traditional display file object and ILE RPG is used to create the rest of the mobile application. Developers can use PDM or Rational’s Development Studio for i for their ILE RPG coding. The Edit/Compile/Debug cycle with MR remains virtually unchanged from the Edit/Compile/Debug cycle for traditional RPG applications.

Valero concludes, “In the 90s, ASNA Visual RPG pioneered the way to create rich and powerful GUI Windows applications for the IBM i midrange platform. Ten years later Visual RPG helped bring the Web to many RPG coders. In the same revolutionary way, Mobile RPG will once again pioneer a rich and powerful program model that continues the ASNA tradition of extending and modernizing the IBM i platform.”

ASNA Mobile RPG ships in 1Q2013.

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In its fourth decade as a market leader and innovator for IBM midrange systems, ASNA provides comprehensive and flexible solutions for modernizing IBM i applications to the Microsoft .NET platform.

ASNA enables companies to integrate and extend their RPG green screen solutions to .NET, the Web and Mobile, while preserving investments in IT and human resources. Our solutions are distributed worldwide and used by more than a million end users.

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