Pipeline 2023 Quarter 1

ASNA Pipeline 2023 – Quarter 1 This issue’s big news is that Visual RPG for .NET 17.0, which works with Visual Studio 2022, is now generally available (see the Current ASNA supported products section below). This edition also includes AVR Classic upgrade advice, info on the latest IBM i Midrange Survey, and a cool way […]

The .NET Saga: From .NET Framework to .NET

In early 2002, Microsoft officially released .NET Framework 1.0 to the world. This was a big bet from Microsoft that aimed to replace the aging and ailing COM development model. .NET Framework was part: a competitive response to Java an amalgam of various languages and integrated developer tools an attempt to make it much easier […]

How to stretch ASP.NET session timeout

Most AVR-driven ASP.NET Websites use the Session object to save the state of some variables. For example, a customer number may be stashed in a Session variable like this:

when the user requests a page (the same page or another page), that value is available for your logic to fetch and do something with. For […]

ASNA Pipeline #1 2022

This issue touches on a couple of DataGate for IBM i configuration topics, a tip for licensing, and an article on model-based programming with ASNA Visual RPG. How to change DataGate’s TCP/IP port on the IBM i Changing the DataGate for IBM i TCP/IP port is a simple process using the IBM i WRKSRVTBLE command. This article explains how to […]

ASNA Pipeline #2 2022

Wow. Summer is half over! Can you believe it? In this issue we catch you up on ASNA product version numbers, provide a lesson in avoiding technical debt, resolve an AVR Classic type reference issue, show a way to help identify IBM i ASP.NET orphan jobs, and tell you about five free Windows utilities that will […]

ASNA Pipeline #3 2022

Summer is over and fall is here. In Texas we know it’s fall because it’s only 92F (33C) at night. Relief at last! This issue covers IBM i V7R5 and DataGate for IBM i, upgrading DataGate for IBM i, an exciting Visual Studio 2022 announcement, how to tame the Windows ComboBox control, and a list of Windows products […]

Tips for upgrading from ASNA Visual RPG Classic 4.x to 5.1

We’ve had several questions lately about upgrading from ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) 4.x to Visual RPG 5.1. Here are a few tips as you plan for that upgrade: Although AVR 5.0 is still supported, we strongly recommend upgrading from AVR 4.x to AVR 5.1. AVR 5.1 is compiled with a much new C++ compiler and […]

Current ASNA product build numbers

Here is the list of our .NET product families and the latest build numbers available. Visual Studio 2022 v17.0/11.0 .NET-BETA Release date: 2023-02-22 Family: Oscar – Beta Visual RPG .NET- Visual RPG .NET Windows Deployment- Mobile RPG- Monarch- Monarch Framework- Monarch Nomad- Synon Escape- DataGate for SQL Server- DataGate Component Suite- DataGate WebPak- DataGate Studio- […]

How to upgrade ASNA DataGate WebPak

The ASNA WebPak is the DataGate client for Windows Servers. It is to Windows servers what the Client Deployment binary is to Windows clients. The WebPak should be installed on any Web server on which you’ve deployed an AVR ASP.NET Website/Web services or Monarch migrations. Installing WebPak is very simple; you just run the WebPak’s […]

Working with numeric dates in AVR for .NET

Working with dates is something many RPG programs do extensively. In the old days of AVR Classic, we used to have to use lots of data structures and other special-case code to format dates, convert dates. It was also quite challenging to do date arithmetic and perform other sophisticated date manipulations. AVR for .NET’s Date, Time, and *TimeStamp help resolve all of these issues. However, many shops still store dates (and times) as numeric values in their database. This seems to preclude using some of .NET’s really great date handling and manipulation. This article changes that and shows how to integrate your numeric date and time values with .NET’s great date and time handling.