How to send email with ASNA Visual RPG

The full source for this article is available here. It is very easy to send email with ASNA Visual RPG. The core enablers are baked into the .NET Framework in these two namespaces: System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient System.Net.Mail.MailMessage The documentation for the System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient class says that because this class "doesn’t support many modern protocols" it is deprecated and […]

An easy to test IP address and ports for DataGate

When you have trouble connecting with DataGate for IBM i (especially for new or upgraded installations) the first thing you check is the IP address and the TCP/IP port. This article shows a good way to do that. DataGate for IBM i needs a TCP/IP port to work. By default, DataGate uses port 5042, but […]

A simple date picker for AVR for .NET ASP.NET websites

In the early days of Web development, we had to scrounge around to find solutions to what seemed like the most basic of things. Date input, for example, was a challenging thing to handle manually. To solve the challenge, we often turned to UI libraries. The jQueryUI library offered a date picker component that many […]

AVR Classic upgrade guide: version 2

AVR Classic is ASNA’s original RPG compiler for Windows. Its core codebase is nearly thirty years old. Windows 7 (supported October 22, 2009 through January 14, 2020) introduced many internal changes over Windows XP that didn’t play well with AVR 4.x. In 2012, we spent a lot of time moving our AVR 4.x code from […]

A new home for ASNA’s documentation and downloads

ASNA finally put its old documentation/download site,, to rest earlier this summer. That old site served us well, but it had evolved into a legacy code nightmare for us. If you had an account at our for downloading ASNA products, please read on. You need to get a new, free account at to […]

Spanish business partners host IBM i modernization meeting

ASNA Spanish business partners Galilea TI and Grupo CSM sponsored an IBM i application modernization breakfast meeting, entitled “Modernizacion De Aplicaciones Para Iseries,” for IBM i decision-makers on Tuesday, November 15th. Says Mrs. Carmen Clemente, CEO of Galilea TI, "We were very pleased to have had 26 attendees at our breakfast meeting. The attendees enjoyed several great vendor presentations, had a wonderful breakfast, and shared many ideas […]

How to read and write Json with ASNA Visual RPG

Json is a data interchange format. It is especially popular for transmitting data between a browser client and a Web server, but is also often used for other things such as configuration files (Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text for example) and even database storage (such as MongoDB). This article takes a look at reading and writing Json with […]

Jordi Marin joins ASNA as COO to further ASNA global expansion

Jordi Marin has joined ASNA as its Chief Operations Officer. His responsibilities include helming and refining of ASNA’s international expansion strategy, managing its worldwide distributor and reseller channels, and guiding its international development team. Says Jordi, "I am very excited about the possibilities available at ASNA. With our great team and our great suite of […]

Mobile computing comes of age in the IBM i enterprise

Headline here Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. An ASNA whitepaper By Roger Pence Smartphone sales are rapidly outpacing PCs. Android devices alone grow at more than 1.3 million activations per day. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt1 predicts that by the end of 2013 there […]

Mobile RPG makes every RPG programmer a mobile programmer!

Summary: There is a substantial demand for IBM i mobile applications. To fulfill this need, ASNA Mobile RPG empowers RPG programmers to create new mobile applications using their traditional programming skills and tools. Mobile RPG distills the technologies needed to create great mobile applications into a simple RPG model that requires no steep learning curves, […]