Running multiple versions of DataGate for IBM i

Question Can I run more than one instance of DataGate on my IBM i? Answer Yes. You can run multiple versions of DataGate on the IBM i. The only constraint is that each instance must be assigned to a unique TCP/IP address during installation. While it isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s generally best to install a second instance […]

Industrial Steel uses ASNA Monarch to evolve its legacy RPG application

As technology changes, a company’s management often needs a way to refresh the information infrastructure without sacrificing the value of their applications. Industrial Steel Treating Company (IST) in Jackson, Michigan found that the most productive path to modernizing IST custom built IBM i production application was to migrate it to Microsoft .NET. It chose ASNA Monarch to perform the IST migration and the results couldn’t be better.

Caprabo redefines enterprise workflows with ASNA Mobile RPG

While Caprabo has a good online presence and even mobile apps for its customers, its back-office applications were still centralized applications with some workflows dependent on Excel. Caprabo wanted to supplement its back-office application with focused mobile replacements. It solved this challenge with ASNA Mobile RPG.

Making field techs happy with an IBM i mobile application

Systems Implementation used ASNA Mobile RPG to bring parts of its IBM i-based application to smartphones for use by technicians in the field. A single programmer, with no previous Mobile RPG experience, wrote the mobile app, in ILE RPG, in less than 90 days.

Systems Implementation looks to the future with ASNA Wings

As an IBM i ISV, Systems Implementation needed to modernize its RPG application to ensure it would remain competitive and relevant amongst a sea of PC-based competitors. It chose ASNA Wings to resolve its user interface dilemma. Systems Implementation customized Wings standard output to add dashboard-like features and a vastly improved, visual, menuing system.

Pathix Uses ASNA Monarch to Revitalize Its Flagship Software

Pathix, based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, specializes in management solutions for industries such as government/military, communications, insurance, utilities, engineering, aviation, and aerospace. In order to successfully market Navixa, Pathix needed to make a strategic platform shift with its Navixa code base. Pathix used ASNA Monarch and ASNA Visual RPG for .NET to migrate and modernize Navixa to .NET.

MPL uses ASNA Wings to improve AS/400 operator productivity

MPL creates and sells household cleaning products, personal hygiene products, and DIY products throughout Europe. MPL’s green-screen RPG application otherwise does a great job for the business but its user interface was limiting productivity and business possibilities. With the technical help of Galilea IT, a Spanish AS/400 IT consultancy and ASNA distributor, the team used ASNA Wings to modernize the existing RPG application and create a great solution for MPL.

Bridging vertical software silos with ASNA Visual RPG

Marous Brothers Construction is a leading commercial construction company and has spent the past thirty-five years building some of the most recognizable commercial buildings in the Midwest. ASNA’s Visual RPG and DataGate for SQL Server empowered Marous Brothers Construction’s Rick Schuster to solve the data integration challenge that had long plagued the company.

Retail Assist uses ASNA Monarch to grow its customer base

Retail Assist provides a host of managed IT services and retail IT software solutions. In the past these solutions were only available on the IBM i. To broaden its customer base, Retail Assist used ASNA Monarch migrate Merret to the .NET platform.

Vitec Nice extends life of IBM i RPG assets with ASNA Monarch

Vitec Nice specializes in software for the insurance industry. Its software is used by many insurance companies throughout Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. To improved the applications’ user interface and functionality, Vitec Nice used ASNA Monarch and ASNA Visual RPG to migrate most of its application to Microsoft’s .NET platform.