How to send email with ASNA Visual RPG

The full source for this article is available here. It is very easy to send email with ASNA Visual RPG. The core enablers are baked into the .NET Framework in these two namespaces: System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient System.Net.Mail.MailMessage The documentation for the System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient class says that because this class "doesn’t support many modern protocols" it is deprecated and […]

An easy to test IP address and ports for DataGate

When you have trouble connecting with DataGate for IBM i (especially for new or upgraded installations) the first thing you check is the IP address and the TCP/IP port. This article shows a good way to do that. DataGate for IBM i needs a TCP/IP port to work. By default, DataGate uses port 5042, but […]

A simple date picker for AVR for .NET ASP.NET websites

In the early days of Web development, we had to scrounge around to find solutions to what seemed like the most basic of things. Date input, for example, was a challenging thing to handle manually. To solve the challenge, we often turned to UI libraries. The jQueryUI library offered a date picker component that many […]

Running multiple versions of DataGate for IBM i

Question Can I run more than one instance of DataGate on my IBM i? Answer Yes. You can run multiple versions of DataGate on the IBM i. The only constraint is that each instance must be assigned to a unique TCP/IP address during installation. While it isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s generally best to install a second instance […]

Browsers and mobile clients supported for ASNA products

Our general recommendation is to use the latest editions of: Chrome MS Edge FireFox Safari Chrome and MS Edge are both based on the open-source Chromium engine. There are many other Chromium-based browsers (including Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi) and you may get a good user experience with these other Chromium-based browsers. MS Internet Explorer went […]

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript resources

Kevin Powell courses and YouTube channel Kevin focuses mostly on CSS and HTML . His free courses start at the beginner level and include: Conquering Responsive Layouts HTML & CSS Crash Course Build a space travel website Kevin also has premium courses available for $50 to $250. Kevin also has a YouTube channel that focuses […]

Preserving application state in ASP.NET

Application state is the data that links the various parts of an application together. This data may be scalar values, binary values, or even open files that provide information to the application’s various Windows forms or display file record formats. One substantial difference between Web applications and desktop-bound fat Windows programs or green-screen RPG programs […]

How to calculate date/time differences in Visual RPG for .NET

Back in the halcyon days of RPG II/III, calculating differences between two dates or times was enormously complex and took tons of code (does anyone else remember Paul Conte’s multi-part "Ultimate Date Routines" series in NEWS/400 magazine?). Well, that was then and this is now. .NET offers superb date calculation capabilities. Let’s take a brief […]

Working with the ASP.NET ListView and row and column clicks

See code on GitHub The ListView is a worthy alternative to the GridView control. With the ListView control, you are 100% in charge of the markup produced. This makes the ListView much better suited to pages where you need complete control over the markup, such as when you’re using a CSS framwork like BootStrap. However, […]

Using FTP to send and receive IBM i source members

Occasionally you might need to send or receive a source member from/to your Windows PC and the IBM i. Assuming your IBM i has FTP enabled, it’s a snap to perform this task with Windows’ built-in FTP client. To further explore FTP on Windows, see the list of Windows FTP commands . To start FTP on Windows, […]