Pipeline 2023 Quarter 2

ASNA Pipeline 2023 – Quarter 2 This edition includes tips on preserving application state with AVR ASP.NET Web apps, tips on upgrading ASNA DataGate WebPak, AVR Classic upgrade advice, and how to read ASNA product versions policy. Also, please don't the miss the notice about AVR 5.0's upcoming retirement. Preserving application state in ASP.NET Application […]

Pipeline 2023 Quarter 1

ASNA Pipeline 2023 – Quarter 1 This issue’s big news is that Visual RPG for .NET 17.0, which works with Visual Studio 2022, is now generally available (see the Current ASNA supported products section below). This edition also includes AVR Classic upgrade advice, info on the latest IBM i Midrange Survey, and a cool way […]

ASNA Pipeline #1 2022

This issue touches on a couple of DataGate for IBM i configuration topics, a tip for licensing, and an article on model-based programming with ASNA Visual RPG. How to change DataGate’s TCP/IP port on the IBM i Changing the DataGate for IBM i TCP/IP port is a simple process using the IBM i WRKSRVTBLE command. This article explains how to […]

ASNA Pipeline #2 2022

Wow. Summer is half over! Can you believe it? In this issue we catch you up on ASNA product version numbers, provide a lesson in avoiding technical debt, resolve an AVR Classic type reference issue, show a way to help identify IBM i ASP.NET orphan jobs, and tell you about five free Windows utilities that will […]

ASNA Pipeline #3 2022

Summer is over and fall is here. In Texas we know it’s fall because it’s only 92F (33C) at night. Relief at last! This issue covers IBM i V7R5 and DataGate for IBM i, upgrading DataGate for IBM i, an exciting Visual Studio 2022 announcement, how to tame the Windows ComboBox control, and a list of Windows products […]

ASNA Pipeline #4 2022

ASNA Pipeline #4 – 2022 We wish you the very merriest of the holiday season! The ASNA Services Team helps your dev team get things done! ASNA's worldwide services team has what it takes to make your project a success. From small Web sites all the way to million-line enterprise RPG application migrations, from providing […]

Why you should always change CCSID values on the server

Changing the CCSID value on the client side is not a good practice. In many cases it results in the wrong data being displayed. This article explains why you should change the user’s CCSID on the IBM i in the user’s profile.

Investigating (and avoiding) IBM i spurious jobs with AVR

Careless database connection handling in your Visual RPG for .NET code can lead to spurious jobs on your IBM i. Especially for Visual RPG Web ASP.NET Web apps, the presence of these jobs are a symptom of a performance-sucking issue. This video explains a scenario for spurious jobs and explains what you can do about them. […]

Emulating DFU with ASNA Visual RPG

This small ASNA Visual RPG Windows project shows a way to build a simple Data File Utility (DFU)-like program with AVR. This is a very simple project and a good one for first-time AVR coders to spend time with. Full project on GitHub Download project zip file from GitHub See fully annotated source code Figure 1a. […]

ASNA product update info/advice

ASNA products are available for download from the ASNA Website. You need to be logged into ASNA.com with a free account to get to our downloads link. See this page for instructions on creating an ASNA.com account. Always read the release notes before applying a new version of an ASNA product. Release notes are available next to the […]