Our users are able to configure my 5250 emulator to change the active CCSID for their sessions. Can I do that with AVR/Wings/Mobile RPG/Monarch? ?


By changing the CCSID code page on the client you aren’t always seeing the actual data stored in the database.

In some cases, it works well. In the figure below you see that by changing the CCSID value from 278 (Swedish) to 277 (Norwegian) in the client does show the correct translation.

However, client side translation works only part of the time because not every character round-trips correctly.

For example, the ø character in Sweden’s code page 278

would be shown as an @ character when changing the CCSID value client-side.

We recommend always setting the CSSID value in the IBM i user profile as shown below:

Changing the CCSID value on the server side ensures the user always sees the data as it exists in the database.