Can DataGate’s IBM i DG8_VCATxx library be cleared? There are over 11,000 objects in this library, some dating back to 2012. Please help!


Yes—it is OK to use CLRLIB with the DG8_VCAT72 library. That will remove all objects to which the current user has delete authority. However, do this when there aren’t any active users—otherwise current users will immediately get a non-responsive app and those jobs will lock-up and need manual attention to remove.

All instances of DataGate from DataGate v7.2 for IBM i and up share the DG8_VCAT72.

Except for very old versions of DataGate, this library is always named DG8_VCAT72. 

Other information

The DG8_VCAT72 helps accelerate the retrieval of file definitions by caching them for DataGate.

Under normal circumstances you don’t want to clear this library because it does significantly improve DataGate performance. However, there may be times where it has acquired a number of unused or stale cached file definitions or if your disk space is running so dangerously low that you need disk space. In that case, you can use CLRLIB (as explained above) to clear this library.

You may also need to clear DG8_VCAT72 if you get this error message: