Do not attempt to end DataGate on the IBM i until all end-user jobs have been ended.

Trying to end DataGate while end-user jobs will leave you will a hodge-podge of object locks that requires lots of manual clean-up (or perhaps even an IPL) before you can stop and restart DataGate.

Ensure that no end-user DataGate DG8_NET end-user jobs are running for the instance of DataGate you want to stop. This article explains how to identify end-user DataGate jobs. If any DG8_NET are running under the instance of DatGate you want to stop, they must be ended before stopping the DataGate server. Ideally, have end-users bring their jobs to a natural end; but if necessary, manually end those jobs with *IMMED.

When you are sure there no end-user jobs running, end DataGate for the IBM with:

where <DataGate Library> is the library in which your DataGate instance is installed. See this article for help identifying your DataGate instance’s library name.

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