Issue: #2/2021

This issue includes a look at the Wings/Mobile RPG Spool File Viewer, a potential strategy for upgrading your AVR for .NET installation, and a look at the challenges of AVR Classic and third-party custom controls.

Charting a course for upgrading AVR for .NET

It’s very important to keep your ASNA products at least moderately current. The older a product gets the more technical debt you accrue to upgrade that product. This article provides a set of best practices for upgrading AVR for .NET.

Charting a course for upgrading AVR for .NET

ASNA Wings/Mobile RPG Spool File Viewer

ASNA Wings and Mobile RPG includes a very handy spool-file viewer. It lets you view, delete, or download spool files as PDFs. It works with any Wings or Mobile RPG application. The spool-file list view is shown in the image below.

Read more and watch a video about the Spool-File Viewer

AVR Classic and third-party controls

ASNA has invested heavily in AVR Classic 5.0/5.1 to ensure these products work well with Windows 10. Alas, many third-party controls can be very troublesome on Windows 10. This article examines this issue and provides a few guidelines for AVR Classic customers.

Read the full article here.

ASNA supported and retired products

ASNA’s usual product policy is to support the current version of a product and one version back. Retired products usually still work but are no longer tested or enhanced in any way. We strongly encourage you to stay as close the latest version of a given product as you can. The two lists below provided supported and retired product information including what platforms each product supports.

Supported products listing

Retired products listing

ASNA was first with an AS/400 C compiler and a source level debugger

In the 90s, ASNA beat everyone in the market with both the first C compiler and source level debugger for what we then called the AS/400. As you can imagine creating products like these requires tons of IBM i knowledge and we’re proud to say that the core R&D team that built those products is still with us today. ASNA is very proud of its 39 years in the IBM midrange marketspace and its brainiac R&D team!