Issue: #3/2021

A tip for changing your application’s database name at runtime and a refreshed version of DataGate for IBM i 16.x are featured in this issue of the ASNA Pipeline.

Change an app’s DB name at runtime — without recompiling

This article shows how to change a Web or Windows application’s database name at runtime, without needing to recompile or redeploy the application.

Change an app’s DB name at runtime

ASNA DataGate for IBM i released

ASNA DataGate for IBM i has been released and is available for download on the ASNA Website. Some users have reported that previous DataGate versions had intermittent issues starting jobs. This version fixes that issue. If you are using DataGate 16.x and not yet on this version, we recommend updating to it when you can. See the article referenced below if you need help determining what version of IBM i DataGate you are currently using.

How to determine DataGate for IBM i’s library and version

IBM i V7R4 requires ASNA DataGate for IBM i 16.x

If you are upgrading to IBM i V7R4, you’ll need to use ASNA DataGate 16.x. Lower DataGate versions do not support V7R4. See the links below for our current and retired version policies. These explain ASNA product version requirements.

Current ASNA product version policy

Retired ASNA product version policy

Downloading ASNA products

ASNA products are available for download at To see and use the download page, you need to be signed into the site with a free account. The article referenced below explains the account needed and the product download process.

How to download ASNA products

Visual Studio 2017 conflict with ADO.NET 2.7

During testing of AVR for .NET 15.0 we found that a Visual Studio 2017 conflict causes issues with version 2.7 of the ADO.NET library. If you’re using that version of ADO.NET in projects with AVR 15.x, you will get a compiler error. The article referenced below explains how to resolve this Visual Studio 2017 conflict.

How to resolve ADO.NET 2.7 conflict with Visual Studio 2017

ASNA’s Professional Services team can help you

ASNA’s worldwide services team has what it takes to make your project a success. From small websites all the way to million-line enterprise RPG application migrations, from providing a little direction and guidance to doing 100% of the work for you, our team can help you. The ASNA Services team is available to help with any phase of your project, from design to deployment. Contact us at for more info.

Read more about ASNA’s Professional Services team

Increase web app performance with DataGate connection pooling

DataGate’s connection pooling is a way to reuse existing server-side jobs for ASP.NET web apps. This is especially important on the IBM i, where creating a new IBM i job is relatively time-consuming. With connection pooling, a user can get a webpage up in a matter of milliseconds, without connection pooling it could take up to a few seconds for a user to be seeing a page. If you are using AVR for .NET to create Web apps, you need a solid understanding of DataGate connection pooling. Read more about it at the link below.

Increase Web app performance with DataGate connection pooling