ASNA Monarch extends the life of your IBM i RPG application

ASNA Monarch migrate suites migrate your RPG to .NET

The most important factor in a successful application migration is planning

ASNA Four-Phase Migration Methodology

Reduces risk, ensures correctness, and eliminates surprises

There are many factors to a successful application migration. However, perhaps the most important factor is planning. There a many chuck holes on the road to a successful migration. Without solid planning, even a minor chuck hole can delay the project, affect the budget, or worse!

ASNA's unique Four-Phase Migration Methodology
RPG applications don't depend solely on RPG source

Beyond migrating source

Monarch Core migrates critical IBM i idioms such as job behavior, activation groups, library lists, and many others

ASNA Monarch Core migrates your IBM i RPG source code to either ASNA Encore RPG or Microsoft C#. However, your RPG applications don't depend solely on their RPG source code. Every RPG program has a dependence on the IBM i's rich runtime environment. Consider something as mundane as data areas. Many RPG programs rely heavily on data areas for configuration and application state information. Without an implementation of data areas, you're left needing to manually resolve this issue.

Monarch Core's powerful runtime execution engine brings forward IBM i/RPG idioms such as:

  • Program activation
  • Program calls
  • Activation groups
  • Library lists
  • QTemp library
  • File overrides
  • Print spooling

Monarch's execution-time facilities ensure completeness and eliminate the need to manually reinvent critical IBM/RPG application idioms that many other migration solutions leave behind.

Built for the long-haul with Microsoft .NET Core

Monarch Core is built with, and for, .NET Core

Migrate with confidence with Microsoft's latest platform

Migrating an IBM i RPG is a substantial undertaking. To ensure your migrated RPG application has a long and successful life, we've built Monarch Core on the latest Microsoft enterprise technologies. As delivered, your core application's logic and UI uses the power of .NET Core. Later, when you want to extend or enhance your migrated application, any aspect of .NET Core is available to you.

Microsoft has brewed themselves a challenging issue with the naming of .NET Core. Read more about .NET naming here.

Select the target database that works best for you
Put your enterprise database where it best works for you

IBM i DB2 or MS SQL Server: you pick!

Your production database can be left on the IBM i or migrated to SQL Server

The business reasons for migrating vary from IBM i shop to IBM i shop. Many are moving off of the IBM i platform and need to migrate their IBM i DB 2 database to SQL Server. Monarch Core has tooling to do that (migrating both the database schema and the database data) and our Services Team has lots of experience migrating DB 2 to SQL Server.

However, some shops have other reasons for migrating and want to leave their database on the IBM i. Monarch Core supports either platform gracefully.

Select the target database that works best for you
Our Migration Services Team has been doing IBM i RPG migrations successfully for 15 years

ASNA's highly qualified Migration Services Team is at your disposal

Our Migration Services Team can help you with any aspect of your migration

Our most frequently-used migration model uses both our Migration Services Team and your development team to migrate, test, and deliver your migrated RPG application. Your team knows everything about your application and our team knows everything about the ASNA Monarch Core migration suite.

Together, we can deliver a superb solution for your migration challenge. We often use this model for small-to-medium sized IBM i shops. However, we're flexible and can put together any migration model that works for you.

ASNA can craft an application migration model that works for you!