ASNA Pronto is a service that offers self-service, after-hours, emergency ASNA product license keys to customers. The Pronto service,, is hosted, separately from (to ensure a separation of concerns), in Microsoft Azure. To get a license key, registered ASNA customers login to Pronto, select the product they are licensing, and a valid license is immediately emailed to them.

This new ASNA service ensures that if you need an after-hours production license that one is quickly available to you. Aimed specifically at enterprise and critical-needs 24×7 users, but available to anyone, ASNA Pronto is there when you need it.

Pronto is in beta testing now and will roll out to general availability over the next four to six weeks. Watch your email inbox for more announcements about Pronto!

Pronto use cases include:

If your business is 24×7 with a need for quick access to emergency ASNA product license keys, please contact your ASNA salesperson about setting up a Pronto account for you. Pronto is free for qualified customers.