ASNA finally put its old documentation/download site,, to rest earlier this summer. That old site served us well, but it had evolved into a legacy code nightmare for us.

If you had an account at our for downloading ASNA products, please read on. You need to get a new, free account at to download ASNA products.

We’ve replaced with two new components within

  1. Product downloads are now available directly off of the Support menu option as shown below:
  2. Using the product downloads page requires a free account. We were not able to bring accounts forward, so if you had an account at you’ll need to create a new one at (See the section below for details on creating a free account at The downloads are now organized more tightly and make picking the right product for the correct version of Visual Studio easier (that said, we’re not completely happy with the download page’s cosmetics so watch for minor upcoming improvements).
  3. Documentation is where product documentation can now be found. We’ve been fixing broken links and other hiccups induced by moving the site. If you notice a broken link please let us know at Documentation is also available off of the System menu option.
We had previously announced TechHub, our new knowledge base within Like downloads and documentation, TechHub is available from the Support main menu.
Insider tip: If you search for something from the TechHub page, the search is constrained to technical articles (ie, you won’t get marketing- or sales-related pages in this search).

If you have any comments or suggestions to make better send us an email at

Creating a free account at

To create a free account at, click the “Account” at the top of the screen (or as revealed by clicking the “hamburger” if the screen is compressed) and follow the directions provided. After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Click the link in that email to complete your account registration. When the screen is in full view, click the red box to get to the Account menu option:
When the screen is collapsed, click the “hamburger” in the red box to get to the Account menu option:
This GIF shows registration in action:
Having created an account and signing into, you can now download generally available ASNA products from this page. If you’re interested downloading beta versions please contact us at