Microsoft has a well-kept secret available called the Microsoft Action Pack. The Action Pack subscription costs $475 USD per year and some of its benefits include:

In other words, depending on what you use from the Action Pack, it provides thousands of dollars of MS goodies for just $475 USD per year. These products aren’t test or trial versions–these are all the real deal. To put the Action Pack annual price in perspective, an annual subscription for Visual Studio Professional alone is normally $799 USD per year.

To see the full list of Action Pack benefits, click this link then open its "Microsoft Action Pack subscription" link. This provides an Excel spreadsheet. Open its "Microsoft Action Pack" tab to see the full list of benefits.

The downside

There is what some, I think, may consider an arguable downside to this great deal: it forces you to stay current. However, that isn’t the bad news, it’s the good news. Each year the Action Pack provides the latest and greatest versions and you’ll get to keep up. We at ASNA know that many customers do not keep up! (Don’t we!) Look at the Action Pack as your chance to upgade from software that should be an exhibit on the Antiques RoadShow!

A supremely good deal!

Getting an Microsoft Action Pack subscript requires that you join Microsoft’s free partner network. You don’t need to be an ISV and although MS does follow up with you before granting your membership, it appears that any legitimate Microsoft development shop with $475 USD to spend qualifies. Start with this link to save your shop a ton of money.