We will soon deploy our new ASNA products download page. This new downloads page will be integrated into asna.com. With its introduction, we’ll be retiring the old devnet.asna.com site that has served us well for about ten years. That old site has clearly seen better days and we’re quite happy to be retiring it!

This new products download section will have improved organization and layout. It has been designed to make it as easy as we can for you to find the right products you need to download quickly and effectively. In addition to all of our generally-available products, there will also be download section for beta products (if you’d like to be included in our beta group, please contact your salesperson). A user account at asna.com is required for downloading, but you can create that account on your own and it doesn’t require approval from us. It’s also easy to recover your password for that account if you’ve forgotten it.

The figure below shows the prototype of generally what the user interface will look like for the new product downloads.

Please watch your email for our official announcement of our new products download page.