With the release of Microsoft’s Surface tablet, we’ve gotten the question several times, “Do ASNA products run on tablets?” When the question is asked, we’re not sure if the question is specifically about the MS Surface tablet or if the release of the MS Surface simply put tablets back on everyone’s radar.

The definition of “tablet” has shifted with the advent of the iPad. There was a time when we called laptops like this “tablets.” We’ve had many customers deploy to this type of device over the years. But let’s assume that isn’t the kind of tablet being considered here. Let’s assume that “tablet” in this question applies to the recently released Microsoft Surface tablet. There are two MS Surface tablets:

As a general rule, when someone asks about “tablet” compatibility, simply refer to the runtime requirements of the ASNA product in question. If the tablet fulfills its runtime requirements, we’re nearly certain that we’re compatible with that tablet.  We say “nearly certain” because there are so many tablets available and there may an unusual BIOS issue or some other very small but important difference that inhibits our compatibility.

ASNA products and tablets

ASNA Wings 6.0 has several interesting enhancements that make a great partner for tablets.