Wings 6.0 ships in December. This version introduces support for Visual Studio 2012 (also somewhat confusingly known as Visual Studio version 11) and one of the notable things that it features is a substantially enhanced version of ASNA’s 5250 browser-based emulator, ASNA Term. The latest version of ASNA Term provides many enhancements to make the emulator more tablet-friendly.

We’ve spoken to many customers interested in mobile computing lately and one of the categories we’ve defined is one that we’ve dubbed, “the portable workstation.” The canonical example of this type of computing is an employee working a manufacturing or assembly line or a remote worker in the field such as a real estate agent, who needs quick access to existing IBM i applications. With very little effort, ASNA Term, presented through Wings, provides a great touch-enabled UI for these Apple and Android tablet users.

Wings 6.0 also provides support for HTML5 and its many new layout and design options. The Wings page template now also includes a property that that allows the dynamic selection of device-specific versions of a Wings page. Unicode support has also been added with Wings 6.0 so that its display files can now be used by countries that use double-byte character sets. Wings 6.0 will be available for download from ASNA’s site later this month.