Browsers and mobile clients supported for ASNA products

Our general recommendation is to use the latest editions of: Chrome MS Edge FireFox Safari Chrome and MS Edge are both based on the open-source Chromium engine. There are many other Chromium-based browsers (including Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi) and you may get a good user experience with these other Chromium-based browsers. MS Internet Explorer went […]

Preserving application state in ASP.NET

Application state is the data that links the various parts of an application together. This data may be scalar values, binary values, or even open files that provide information to the application’s various Windows forms or display file record formats. One substantial difference between Web applications and desktop-bound fat Windows programs or green-screen RPG programs […]

Working with the ASP.NET ListView and row and column clicks

See code on GitHub The ListView is a worthy alternative to the GridView control. With the ListView control, you are 100% in charge of the markup produced. This makes the ListView much better suited to pages where you need complete control over the markup, such as when you’re using a CSS framwork like BootStrap. However, […]

Printing to PDF with ASNA Visual RPG for .NET

Distributing reports as PDF files is a very common practice in the enterprise. ASNA’s DataGate print files are designed to print to one of your installed Windows printers. Printing to PDF with AVR is therefore a pretty simple task of using a PDF print driver and then printing to that virtual printer. These drivers redirect […]

How to stretch ASP.NET session timeout

Most AVR-driven ASP.NET Websites use the Session object to save the state of some variables. For example, a customer number may be stashed in a Session variable like this:

when the user requests a page (the same page or another page), that value is available for your logic to fetch and do something with. For […]

How to easily take an ASP.NET site offline

All Websites or Web servers need maintenance from time to time. This article shows a very simple little ASP.NET tip that can easily keep users from accessing your site during maintenance. This is something to consider doing anytime you need to upgrade your ASNA WebPak or DataGate for IBM i, or redeploy your Web app. […]