How to determine ASNA product versions

When you report an issue to ASNA tech support, or when you need a new or updated product license key, we’ll usually need to know your exact product version(s). Windows-based products Visual Studio has an "about" that shows some license information, but the ASNA licensing information that that dialog shows isn’t detailed enough. The best […]

Licensing DataGate for IBM i 16.x

ASNA DataGate for IBM i 16.x introduces a license registration change. Starting with 16.x, the license now includes the IBM i partition number (LPAR). While there isn’t a direct way to see this value on your IBM i, there is an easy, indirect way (these steps are all read-only and don’t change anything on your IBM i): First, from […]

Understanding DataGate for IBM i service jobs

This article applies to DataGate for IBM i 7.x and up.   DataGate’s service jobs Once DataGate for IBM i is installed and running, there will be several DataGate jobs running in an IBM i subsystem. The default subsystem is QINTER but that can be overridden during DataGate installation (see this article for more information on creating a […]

How to confirm DataGate for IBM i’s assigned TCP/IP port

When you install ASNA DataGate for IBM i, you select a TCP/IP port through which DataGate connects on your IBM i. The default value for this port is 5042, but you can use any available port on your IBM i. Knowing how to check which port is in use is an important part of troubleshooting DataGate.  This article […]

Understanding DataGate for IBM i end-user jobs

It is strongly recommended that you not end the DataGate service on the IBM i (ENDDG8SVR) until all end-user jobs are ended–either normally or manually. Ending DataGate with active user jobs leaves object locks and other artifacts danglng that make it challenging to restart DataGate. To end all end-user jobs, you need ot know how to […]

How to determine DataGate for IBM i’s library and version

Question How can I determine what version of ASNA DataGate for IBM i, and what its library name is, my system is using? Answer ASNA DataGate for IBM i is an IBM i host service that serves IBM i data to ASNA clients such as ASNA Visual RPG, Wings, and Mobile RPG. These instructions show you what version(s) of […]

What is the IBM i user profile DG8SVCPRF used for?

Question What is the IBM i DG8SVCPRF used for? Answer When an application requests a DataGate job on the IBM i, the ASNA DG8SVC initiates that job through an ASNA DG8_START job. DG8_START jobs run under the DG8SVCPRF user profile. Once DG8_START gets user credentials from the DataGate client, it adopts authority of the incoming user profile […]

How do I find ASNA DataGate for IBM i active end-user jobs?

To find all ASNA DataGate for IBM i active end-user jobs use the IBM i WRKACTJOB (or WRKSBSJOB) command and look for DG8_NET .NET jobs. The green rectangle in the screenshot below shows DataGate for IBM i active end-user jobs. End user jobs are the DG8_NET jobs. Note: All DataGate end-user jobs must be ended before ending the DataGate […]

How to configure DataGate to run in a different subsystem

This article shows how to a new subsystem for an existing DataGate on IBM i installation. You need to be an experienced IBM i administrator to perform this task. Done incorrectly at the least it will disable DataGate and at the worst disable your IBM i. Before attempting to do this on your IBM i please perform a […]

How to limit IBM i jobs in complex ASP.NET web apps

This article shows how to avoid unnecessary IBM i jobs by using the singleton DB pattern. Using that pattern, you establish a single IBM i job in the top-level parent page and then make that connection available to any class instances the parent page uses.