Browsers and mobile clients supported for ASNA products

Our general recommendation is to use the latest editions of: Chrome MS Edge FireFox Safari Chrome and MS Edge are both based on the open-source Chromium engine. There are many other Chromium-based browsers (including Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi) and you may get a good user experience with these other Chromium-based browsers. MS Internet Explorer went […]

Monitoring Wings and Mobile RPG end-user licensing

ASNA Wings and ASNA Mobile are licensed per end-user on your IBM i server. Your license can be either an unlimited site license or licensed to a specific number of users (sold in blocks of 5, 10, 15, 20, 50, 100, 200 users, etc). This article is primarily for those customers licensed with a fixed number […]

Customize Visual Studio to end all processes when debug ends

Visual Studio’s default ending of a debug session is to leave all associated processes running. But, in most cases, it’s better to also end those associated processses when you end debugging. This is especially true with ASNA Wings and Mobile RPG, but even a traditional ASP.NET app can get tripped up by a dangling IIS […]

ASNA Pipeline #4 2021

This newsletter features a Web site that every IBM i manager should read, an upcoming Webcast, some programming tips, a cool new Windows utility, and a great book deal. Happy Holidays All of us at ASNA wish you and yours the happiest of holidays and a very good new year! Take your RPG programs from green […]

ASNA Pipeline #3 2021

Issue: #3/2021 A tip for changing your application’s database name at runtime and a refreshed version of DataGate for IBM i 16.x are featured in this issue of the ASNA Pipeline. Change an app’s DB name at runtime — without recompiling This article shows how to change a Web or Windows application’s database name at runtime, […]

ASNA Pipeline #2 2021

Issue: #2/2021 This issue includes a look at the Wings/Mobile RPG Spool File Viewer, a potential strategy for upgrading your AVR for .NET installation, and a look at the challenges of AVR Classic and third-party custom controls. Charting a course for upgrading AVR for .NET It’s very important to keep your ASNA products at least […]

Using the Wings/Mobile RPG spool file viewer

ASNA Wings and Mobile RPG includes a very handy spool file viewer. It lets you view, delete, or download spool files as PDFs. This video provides an overview of the ASNA Wings/Mobile RPG Spool File Viewer. The article that follows the video provides the written instructions for installing the Spool File Viewer. Pressing F4 invokes […]

ASNA Pipeline #1 2021

Issue Number: April 6th, 2021 Welcome to ASNA’s new newsletter, ASNA Pipeline. It features tips, techniques, and announcements to keep you current with ASNA. Upcoming Webcast: Take your RPG programs from green to great Wings transforms dreary green screens into modern browser pages that can be served on either the Internet or your local network. […]

Why you should always change CCSID values on the server

Changing the CCSID value on the client side is not a good practice. In many cases it results in the wrong data being displayed. This article explains why you should change the user’s CCSID on the IBM i in the user’s profile.

Can users change my ASNA’s application’s CCSID value?

Question Our users are able to configure my 5250 emulator to change the active CCSID for their sessions. Can I do that with AVR/Wings/Mobile RPG/Monarch? ? Answer By changing the CCSID code page on the client you aren’t always seeing the actual data stored in the database. In some cases, it works well. In the […]