Working with numeric dates in AVR for .NET

Working with dates is something many RPG programs do extensively. In the old days of AVR Classic, we used to have to use lots of data structures and other special-case code to format dates, convert dates. It was also quite challenging to do date arithmetic and perform other sophisticated date manipulations. AVR for .NET’s Date, Time, and *TimeStamp help resolve all of these issues. However, many shops still store dates (and times) as numeric values in their database. This seems to preclude using some of .NET’s really great date handling and manipulation. This article changes that and shows how to integrate your numeric date and time values with .NET’s great date and time handling.

How to easily take an ASP.NET site offline

All Websites or Web servers need maintenance from time to time. This article shows a very simple little ASP.NET tip that can easily keep users from accessing your site during maintenance. This is something to consider doing anytime you need to upgrade your ASNA WebPak or DataGate for IBM i, or redeploy your Web app. […]

Using IBM’s Open Query File with ASNA Visual RPG

Finding records where a field contains a given value is an awkward thing to do with RPG’s record-level access. In either green-screen RPG or ASNA Visual RPG (AVR), the ugly solution is simple, loop over every record in the file checking each field as you go. This works, but have something nearby to keep you occupied while you wait. This article provides an alterative to that record level access using AVR for .NET’s Open Query File.

Getting to know ASNA Visual RPG

This document introduces several of the unique and powerful features of ASNA Visual RPG for .NET (AVR). Whether you’re a traditional RPG programmer with little or no experience with other languages, or a veteran VB/C# programmer, this document provides an overview of several of AVR’s language concepts and syntactical details.

Using SQL to help identify ASP.NET orphan IBM i jobs

This article provides a potential way to identify orphan IBM i jobs as a result of Database connection leaks in ASP.NET Web applications. We’ve written before about the perils of orphan IBM i jobs before. This article and video discusses a potential way to identify orphan IBM i jobs and this older article also discusses techniques for avoiding […]

Using regular expression character classes and quantifiers

Article series Read part 1 This is part 2 Part 1 of this series introduced you to using regular expressions with ASNA Visual RPG (AVR). This article digs into more detail on how to define specific character searches, Regex character classes and quantifiers Regex character classes provide a way to match any one of a […]

An introduction to regular expressions with ASNA Visual RPG

Article series This is part 1 Read part 2 Regular expressions (regex) provide a pattern matching scheme you can use to search and manipulate strings. Although regex has been around for almost 50 years, it is often either completely ignored or relegated to the “will learn later” pile by many programmers. Regex is indeed borderline witchcraft […]

Creating and using data models with ASNA Visual RPG

This article discusses a way to approach model-based development with ASNA Visual RPG. This type of coding has been around for a long time. Some of you may recognize some of the concepts presented here from our past advanced AVR classes. However, as you’ll soon see, using data models usually requires tooling to generate the […]

Getting to know AVR’s memory file

AVR for .NET’s memory file is an RPG programming interface over .NET’s System.Data.DataSet. Under the covers, what really lurks in a memory file is .NET’s System.Data.DataSet. The memory file surfaces this DataSet with its dataset property. The DataSet is the central nervous system of the memory file. To understand the memory file you need to understand the DataSet. When you write to […]

Customize Visual Studio to end all processes when debug ends

Visual Studio’s default ending of a debug session is to leave all associated processes running. But, in most cases, it’s better to also end those associated processses when you end debugging. This is especially true with ASNA Wings and Mobile RPG, but even a traditional ASP.NET app can get tripped up by a dangling IIS […]