Issue Number: April 6th, 2021

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Upcoming Webcast: Take your RPG programs from green to great

Wings transforms dreary green screens into modern browser pages that can be served on either the Internet or your local network. This 60-minute hands-on session shows how Wings works and how easy it is to modernize your RPG programs.

Wings extends the value of your RPG application portfolio, provides quick results, and is built with industry standards.

This session covers:

Free 60-minute Wings Webcast, Thursday, April 8th, 1pm DST

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DataGate for IBM i: What does the IBM i user profile DG8SVCPRF do?

The DG8SVCPRF user profile is the profile under which an application’s DataGate jobs are launched. It is is a helpful ally in debgugging DataGate connectivity issues.

Read more about the DG8SVCPRF profile.

Deprecated software alert: Windows 8 has less life in it than you think!

First, a quick quiz? How many years ago was Windows 8 released? Hint: Windows 8 was released the same year that Van Halen released its final studio album.

Windows 8.0 is now obsolete (that is, it gets no critical updates) and Windows 8.1 mainstream support ends on January 10th, 2023.

This article has the quiz answer and more details on Windows 8.

Old habits die hard: Learning to live without jQuery

jQuery was once one of the most important tools in a Web programmer’s kit bag. Alas, modern browsers and JavaScript specs have not only caught up to jQuery but far surpassed it.

Once jQuery has its tentacles in your Website project, it’s really hard to get out from under its firm grasp. There is little value in ripping and replacing whatever jQuery you’ve already added to your site. However, consider making it a point to stop digging yourself a deeper jQuery hole and not writing any new jQuery code.

The "You Might Not Need jQuery" Website referenced below provides many great plain vanilla JavaScript snippets that work as alternatives to jQuery. If you haven’t yet, deprecate jQuery today and use only plain vanilla JavaScript.

You Might Not Need jQuery Website

ASNA fun fact: Could time go any faster?

2021 marks the 27th year that ASNA has shipped and supported ASNA Visual RPG Classic. Do you feel old yet?

Production version info: ASNA product version requirements.

If you need to know what version of DataGate you need for IBM i V7R4, what version of AVR for .NET you need for Visual Studio 2019, or what versions are currently supported and what versions are retired. This information, and other compatibility-related info, is available on these pages. Bookmark these pages–they come in very handy from time to time.

Product compatibility for current products

Product compatibility for retired products