ASNA Visual RPGAudience: Programmers and implementers.

Technical level: This is a technical session aimed at programmers&mcash;it assumes general knowledge of ASNA Visual RPG and Web programming.

Full session abstract: This session shows how to issue an HTTP request to validate a credit number and how to process the response back from the payment authorization host. The example shown works with but its concepts and general principles work with most HTTP-based credit card authorization services.

Online credit card processing is a feature that many websites needs to offer. The process is relatively easy--if you have a decent example to follow. That's what this session provides. Using payment processing service Payeezy (, this session leads you through the code to issue a payment request authorization and the code to process the request's response. 

Beyond the HTTP request/response processing, this session also covers:

  • Working with Json data with ASNA Visual RPG
  • How to mock an authorization service for effective testing
  • How to model the data necessary for credit card authorization

A full ASNA Visual RPG example is available to attendees.