ASNA Monarch: beneficios y características

Monarch migrates IBM i RPG to .NET

ASNA Monarch® migrates IBM i RPG to .NET

Monarch transforms IBM i programs or applications originally written in ILE RPG or RPG/400®, into a native Microsoft .NET application. For a complete re-platforming, Monarch can even migrate your IBM i database to SQL Server®. The result is a browser-based, .NET version of your RPG application. Once migrated to .NET you can then extend and enhance the application in many ways.

ASNA Monarch benefits

Monarch migrates the entire application. RPG programs don’t live in a vacuum–so ASNA Monarch is able to migrate not only your RPG/400 or ILE RPG code, but Monarch also migrates the CL, display file DDS, print files and message files.

Monarch can migrate your database, too. For full platform-to-platform migrations, ASNA Monarch can also migrate your IBM i database to MS SQL Server. Because Monarch uses ASNA DataGate, your existing record-level RPG needs minimal modification to work with SQL Server.

Your legacy application is rehosted in .NET. Green-screen RPG talent is increasingly harder to find. By hosting your legacy application in .NET, you protect the future of that application. Once migrated to .NET, the application can be nurtured and cared for by a new generation of .NET programmers.

Staged modernization/migration. ASNA Monarch works cohesively with ASNA Wings to provide a staged modernization/migration strategy. This means Wings can be used in the early stages to deliver a modernized UI and then as the project progresses Monarch can migrate business logic to .NET.

Put your legacy RPG application in young programmer's hands. An ASNA Monarch migration produces ASNA Visual RPG or MS C# as its target .NET language. For shops needing to put the application into younger coders’ hands, C# is a great choice. Shops with RPG programming talent readily available will appreciate the ability to target ASNA Visual RPG.

Gives your app's UI a modern boost. ASNA Monarch applications have a browser-based presentation–implemented with .NET’s ASP.NET programming model. This presentation layer can be modified and enhanced with standard Web development techniques.

Analytical tools included. Monarch provides the tools needed to create a rational application migration roadmap. Legacy RPG applications are often very large (with usually more than 1 million lines of RPG). These large applications are very challenging to migrate successfully, and without a good map, success is very elusive! Monarch provides dependency and call diagrams, as well as application metrics needed for a successful migration.

ASNA migration services available. ASNA Monarch can be purchased outright and the work performed by your team or ASNA has a highly-trained team of application migration specialists who can help you with any or all stages of your application migration.