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La década crítica para el IBM i y el RPG

Node.js, Python, and PHP may be the foundation for the future of IBM’s midrange platform, but the applications of record that most IBM i-driven businesses depend on were created with RPG. Alas, IBM is carefully avoiding the critical issue of how to persist IBM i RPG applications into the future. Many of our customers express a growing concern about how they are going to maintain and enhance their legacy RPG applications. We understand those concerns and don’t think they should be marginalized. This white paper provides a some thoughts and guidance on the issues.

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Libérese del Synon en su IBM i

Running a business today with a 25-year-old green-screen application is a perilous adventure. This ASNA white paper discusses how you can escape your critical dependence on your legacy Synon application and ensure business persistence by migrating it to C# and SQL Server on the .NET platform—with optional deployment to the Azure cloud.

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