Like the rest of the world, the ASNA team has all retreated to our respective homes as we wait out our global pandemic. We are insanely lucky to have David Ciarrocchi, one of the greatest network administrators ever, on our team. In less than five days he made sure we had the phones and VPNs and routers and all the other techno-babble gobbledygook we need to stay in touch with our customers. A tip of the propeller-driven beanie to you, David!

Surprisingly, (fingers crossed!) our networks and bandwidth have held up and we're experiencing only very minor inconveniences doing what we need to do. If you have trouble reaching us please try again. Whatever glitch you would have experienced will have been quickly resolved We are all available during our normal business hours plugging away. The R and D team is enjoying fewer distractions without knuckleheads like me around and getting lots of work done. The tech support and product key teams are answering phones and emails. Don't forget about ASNA Pronto for after-hours keys.

We know it's tough on everyone out there right now and our thoughts are with you all as we work through this rough patch. If there is anything you need from us, please contact us. We are here.

Stay positive, friends! Better days are coming.



PS: Kudos to you if you recognized the musical reference in this article's title. That means you are old like me!