DataGate provides record-level access
to the IBM i, MS SQL Server,
and DG for Windows

Simple, secure, and performant database access is the key to creating successful enterprise applications. And that’s just what ASNA DataGate® provides. ASNA DataGate works directly with either the IBM i or MS SQL Server® databases. DateGate provides transparent record-level access to IBM i DB and Microsoft SQL Server databases with superb performance, performant, and security.

DataGate decouples database access from the .NET application--this lets an ASNA Visual RPG application connect to either IBM i DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server without making any major changes to the database access logic. This ability to retarget your application to a different database without major effort is especially powerful in RPG-to.NET application migration scenarios.

DataGate benefits

IBM i database connectivity. DataGate is a native host server on the IBM i platform. It provides read/write record level access and program calls from .NET to IBM i program objects.

Microsoft SQL Server database connectivity. DataGate is a Windows service on the .NET platform providing RPG-like read/write record level access to SQL Server tables and views. It also provides a program call to stored procedures.

Windows PC database connectivity. DataGate provides an IBM i-like database for Windows desktops that supports familiar features such as QTEMP; multiple members per file, library list access, and familiar data storage types such as packed, zoned and character. This provides a great database for developers. 

Easily copy data. DataGate can easily copy data across any of its three database platforms. This provides an easily to move files or entire libraries across platforms.  

Secure and reliable. DataGate supports all native host securities and authorities. It also hosts server-side processes on the IBM i and SQL Server such as referential integrity and commitment control.

Offers staged RPG application migration. DataGate enables an ASNA Monarch-migrated RPG application to connect to either IBM i DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server (assuming Monarch migrated the IBM i database to SQL Server). This provides powerful, incremental migration capabilities with ASNA Monarch--allowing you to first migrate your RPG to .NET, and then, if you desire, slide Microsoft SQL Server under it with little or no coding changes. 

Highly scalable. DataGate provides a powerful connection pooling mechanism that enables superb IBM i job pooling and resulting quick page refresh times.