ASNA WingsRPG is the fastest, easiest way to provide a browser UI for your RPG applications.

It lets you quickly and effectively give your users the user experience they desire, with no disruptive changes to your RPG programming logic. WingsRPG transforms green-screen display files to modern browser pages. And because WingsRPG uses IBM’s Rational Open Access RPG Edition, program logic and file IO remain on the IBM i. No big upfront design or analysis is required and WingsRPG can be learned very quickly. WingsRPG also includes ASNA’s browser based emulator Browser Terminal (BTerm), to display those programs you don’t want to (or can’t) modernize. Give your RPG applications the user interface they deserve with ASNA WingsRPG.

Unlike screen scrapers, all of the display file data is presented to WingsRPG, so there are many ways to further customize the presentation layer. The UI can be cosmetically and functionally enhanced, without making any changes to the underlying RPG program logic.

WingsRPG benefits

Extend the value and capabilities of your existing RPG application portfolio. Your existing IBM i RPG applications have been with you for a long time. The challenge with them isn't what they do; they were designed to do exactly what they do and they do it very well. The problem is what they don't do. They don't provide an effective, pleasing UI. They are challenging to connect to the Internet (with business partner Web services, for example). They don't bridge well with the newer applications in your business. ASNA WingsRPG fixes all of these challenges and more!

Rapid results. WingsRPG doesn’t require lots of up front design or analysis. You get results very quickly with WingsRPG.

RPG business logic and DB access remain unchanged. WingsRPG uses IBM’s Open Access API (OA)—so application logic and database access remain unchanged in your RPG programs on the IBM i.

Built with industry standards. The WingsRPG presentation is built on Microsoft's industry-standard ASP.NET Web application engine. You can use any standard Web development technique or ASP.NET third-party control to customize WingsRPG.

Add value and function with the new WingsRPG presentation layer. WingsRPG provides a distinct separation of concerns between the UI presentation layer and the RPG program. You can enhance the presentation layer with features such as Web service calls or Google maps without making any changes to the RPG program. And because WingsRPG doesn’t use the 5250 data stream you’re able to make UI modifications without the positional grief associated with the 5250 data stream.

Integrates well with legacy applications. WingsRPG includes ASNA’s browser-based emulator Browser Terminal (BTerm), to display those programs you don’t want (or can’t) modernize. For example, if your application uses the WRKSPLF command in its end-user workflow, WingsRPG gracefully renders that in BTerm.

"We have, within a relatively short period of time, progressed from trying to market outdated applications to offering cutting-edge solutions, thanks to ASNA,” Farabaugh says. “The Web is no longer the great unknown, and PC-based applications are within our reach. The flexibility to stay with the iSeries or move to SQL Server is an option we never thought we could have without new staff."
Aimee Farabaugh, Director of Software Development, InfoCon

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