The ASNA Services Team can build custom .NET software solutions, from the ground-up, for your organization. Our Services Team is well-versed in:

Windows development – we can built fat client applications for your desktops. This type of application is typically created to resolve very demanding user interface interaction requirements.

Web development – we can build ASP.NET browser-based applications for the Internet or your local intranet. These applications can scale very well—especially on the IBM i platform.

Web services – we can build Web services for your organization to the latest of specifications. This includes WCF-based SOAP, Restful, or even simple HTTP request/response services for JSON/AJAX services.

Mobile applications – our team is up on the latest HTML5/JavaScript/CSS techniques to build great cross-platform mobile applications (running on tablets or smartphones) that connect to your enterprise database.

IBM i and MS SQL Server database connectivity – our team knows both platforms well and knows how to best exploit each for your application type. For ISV’s needing to target either platform, we have the tools and know-how to create .NET applications that connect seamlessly to either database platform.

A variety of server-side languages – our Services Team can build your solution with ASNA Visual RPG, MS C#, or MS VB.NET. We’re able to deliver your solution in the language that works best for your organization.

Project management and modern software development practices – our Services Team has great project managers who are well-trained in agile development techniques, change management, and best-practice deployment techniques.

ASNA can help with RPG application migration to .NET