ASNA Synon Escape, the latest member of ASNA’s family of IBM i RPG application migration suites, migrates and refactors Synon/Cool:2E/CA 2E apps to C#.  This lets Synon shops ensure a solid future for their core enterprise application without Synon or RPG dependencies. Synon Escape exploits the Synon Model and Synon runtime to provide a readable, refactored, and maintainable C# version of the application

ASNA’s flagship migration/analytical suite, Monarch, migrates IBM i RPG applications a line at a time. That works fine for hand-built RPG applications but doesn’t work so well when the RPG is generated by tools such as Synon. Synon-generated applications are verbose and repetitive with a dependence on an abstracted application model and a custom runtime. The RPG that Synon generates isn’t readable–it doesn’t have meaningful field names and it is all but impossible to maintain on its own.