ASNA Visual RPG for .NET Framework : Overview

ASNA Visual RPG is the only RPG compiler for .NET Framework

AVR empowers your RPG programmers to do lots of  things!

ASNA Visual RPG® is an RPG compiler for Microsoft’s .NET Framework

ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) works inside Visual Studio and directly produces .NET Framework binaries (as Microsoft Intermediate Language files). Combining familiar RPG idioms, opcodes, and record-level access with the programming power and extensibility of .NET, AVR empowers traditional RPG programmers to create modern IBM i applications with .NET using their existing RPG skills.

AVR can be used to create a variety of program types and connects directly to the IBM i and Microsoft SQL Server, using RPG idioms such as its record level access model, data structures, RPG built-in-functions, and externally described files. Traditional RPG programmers can be productive with ASNA Visual RPG very quickly.

Visual RPG benefits

    • Extend the reach of your IBM i.NET provides powerful ways to integrate your IBM i with technologies such as business partner Web services, Excel, browser-based UIs, Windows desktops, databases such as SQL Server or MySQL, mobile computing, SharePoint Portal Server, and alternative input devices.
    • Quick results. AVR faithfully implements RPG idioms and operations that make RPG coders feel at home very quickly. A traditional RPG programmer can be productive with AVR in a couple of weeks.
    • Powerful programming environment. AVR snaps into Microsoft’s Visual Studio where it takes advantage of Visual Studio’s powerful features including its integrated debugger, editor, forms designer, and deployment tools.
    • Superb database connectivity.  AVR connects to the IBM i through ASNA DataGate. DataGate provides secure and performant IBM i and MS SQL Server database access and it also provides a great IBM i program call (via CALL/PARM). AVR can also connect to any industry standard SQL database through .NET’s ADO.NET.
    • Modernize IBM i data visualization. AVR applications can be created with visual elements such as charts and images. Through this visual understanding of your IBM i enterprise data, users can make more informed decisions.
    • Integrate your programming teams. Many IBM i shops have both PC programming teams and IBM i RPG programming teams. While it’s not true for all shops, for many shops these two teams live on different planets, use different water coolers, and generally ignore each other. AVR bridges that chasm between the two programming groups. With AVR, your RPG programmers will positively engage, integrate, and produce results with your PC programming team.

AVR for .NET Framework did a great job enabling us to create the Online Permit Center. Our RPG developers are familiar with the IBM i record-level-access model and its CALL/PARM program—these are things that AVR for .NET does naturally. Once our developers sharpened their skillsets for the unique requirements of browser-based applications, we were quickly building Web sites!

—Tim Stinar, Programmer/Analyst, City of Redding (California)