ASNA's products enable you
to extend the value of your IBM i
RPG applications

The prototypical definition of “modernization,” as it relates to IBM i RPG applications, is generally considered to be improving its character-based user interface. ASNA Wings does that very nicely. Without making any modifications to the underlying RPG program’s logic, you can create a great browser-based UI for your RPG applications. After creating that new UI with Wings, you can customize the functionality or cosmetics of the presentation—again without making any changes to the underlying RPG program logic. Wings' non-intrusive customization means that you can safely make changes at the presentation layer without worrying about ripple-down effects to your RPG application’s behavior.

Extend your RPG application's capabilities

Once exposed to possibilities your Wings browser-based RPG apps offer, your users will think of tons of other things your application should be doing—things that usually substantially exceed the bounds of the original RPG program. For example, they may ask that you create a chart-based dashboard that graphically shows business metrics with bar or pie charts from a variety of data sources (ie, IBM i DB2, Excel, SQL Server, and MySQL for example).

Wings is certainly capable of adding charts to your RPG’s UI, but these new apps that you need are often beyond the scope of simply customizing an existing RPG program’s presentation layer. In this case, you could build a new adjunct to the Wings/RPG app with a new browser-based ASP.NET application (using VB.NET, C#, or ASNA Visual RPG) that adopts the look and feel of the Wings/RPG UI, but offers new and exciting capabilities. This new app doesn't take the place of the Wings/RPG app, but runs alongside it adding new features while adopting the general look and feel of the Wings/RPG application. Integrating the old with the new is a powerful combination.

Application extensions like this are beyond the domain of screen scrapers (you can't build new apps with screen scrapers), but not with ASNA’s suite of IBM i modernization products. ASNA Visual RPG makes a great partner to create new, stand-alone, IBM i-centric apps that run alongside your new Wings UI and extend the value and capabilities of your IBM i RPG applications.

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