Put your IBM i RPG applications
on a course to modernization
with ASNA Wings

For most IBM i businesses, long-held RPG applications drive the workflows that enable your business to offer its unique value to your customers and prospects. Without these RPG applications, your business would be in a heap of trouble! They are critically important to your business.

It's not what your RPG does, it's what it doesn't do!

The challenge with these RPG applications isn't what they do, it's with what they don't do. Most of these applications were written to years-ago old specifications. While the core value they offer is still as good as it was when they were written, frustrations abound trying to make legacy RPG applications keep up with modern business demands. Whether you need to integrate these line-of-business RPG applications with business partner Web services, dynamically import or export data to Excel (and other desktop products), or even just cosmetically make them more competitive, ASNA Wings can help.

ASNA Wings adds functionality and value to your IBM i legacy RPG enterprise applications—without intrusive RPG programming changes. ASNA Wings provides a modern browser-based user interface that can easily be customized and tailored to your specifications. Wings also gracefully hosts your RPG application in modern tablets, with either a modernized user interface or with the built-in ASNA tablet-friendly, browser-based emulator, Browser Terminal.

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