ASNA Tech Support

Submit a tech support issue

Use the button below to submit an issue to ASNA Technical Support. Please provide all relevant fields and a clear explanation of your issue. If your issue occurs outside of business hours, please see “Contact us outside of business hours” section below.

How to get ASNA product version information

When you submit a tech support issue, we’ll need to know the product versions you have installed. Reporting these numbers to us as quickly as possible expedites us getting a good answer to you. Our article, How to determine ASNA product versions can help you with that.

Call us during business hours

ASNA’s technical support phone line is Monday through Friday during local business hours. Call us for support at any of the phone numbers at this of this page or see our ASNA Locations page for a full list of world-wide technical support numbers. 

If you leave a voice mail for ASNA technical support, please speak slowly and clearly and leave your name and telephone number twice. We can't help you if we can't understand your voice mail! We get a lot of voice mails that could be mistaken for Neil Armstrong calling from the moon in 1969! We really appreciate your help on this.

Contact us outside of business hours

For customers with an ASNA maintenance plan there is also 24-hour emergency technical support available for emergency “application-down” issue resolution. If your application is down outside of business hours:

  • In the US, please call us at 800-984-4847 or 210-408-0212.
  • From anywhere please, use the phone numbers on our ASNA Locations page.