A few more productivity/knowledge enhancers

A better bookmark manager than the world’s best bookmark manager About a year ago I wrote about the "the world’s best bookmark manager.". Well, forget that. I was wrong! I’ve since switched to using Bookmark Ninja. I’ve learned my lesson and won’t go off the deep end this time, but Bookmark Ninja is a really good?1 bookmark manager. It […]

Edge is dead, Zed

In September, Microsoft got called out by many for adding a "warning" pop-up in some Windows 10 preview editions that cautioned Win 10 users that Edge is the "safer, faster browser for Windows 10." The less-than-subtle implication was that if you use Chrome or Firefox on Windows 10 you’re an idiot. Wiser heads prevailed and that pop-up […]

Creating an enterprise mobile app with ASNA Mobile RPG

This article takes you on a quick tour of an enterprise mobile app created with ASNA Mobile RPG. It shows how easy and fast it can be to create a mobile app to run on a smartphone or tablet. Screen shots from both smart phones and tablets are included, but all of the panels displayed […]

Book review: The Imposter’s Handbook

A great many programmers don’t have any, or at least very much, formal computer science education. Except for a single Fortran programming class I took decades ago, I haven’t had any formal programming training. "Self-taught" comes to mind in cases like mine, but it’s a bothersome term. Most self-taught programmers had the help of a […]

The power of CodePen.io’s JavaScript playground

JavaScript. Ah, JavaScript. One irrefutable fact about JavaScript is that no one is ambivalent about it. You either love it. Or you hate it. Full stop. Love it or hate it though, if you’re doing Web development, you’re stuck with it. You simply can’t write a modern online application by hand (that is, if you aren’t […]

AVR for .NET and .NET 2.0-3.5 Framework support

As it ships today, ASNA Visual RPG 14.0 continues to offer optional support for the .NET 2.0-3.5 Frameworks. That optional support can be downloaded from our devnet.asna.com site. Microsoft ended all support for the .NET 2.0 Framework on April 12, 2016. At some point in the near future we’ll be dropping the optional support for the .NET 2.0-3.5 Frameworks. This […]

Searching the Web for technical education

Are you old enough to remember the IBM midrange documentation that used to ship in the white, "IBM" embossed (like the original Beatles white album), three-ring binders? I vividly remember taking delivery of a Model D AS/400 and it came with, I am not exaggerating here, 800 pounds of binders and paper. There were easily […]

Present like a pro

Computer presentations have evolved into the core foundation of many meetings. GotoMeeting and WebEx make it very easy to share your desktop to make presentations. The core tools built into either product work great with PowerPoint-type presentations. However, both also break down when you’re trying to present technical content. In that context, you need to be able to quickly and […]

Wait! I deleted what?

I did about the dumbest thing that can be done by someone who considers himself computer savvy. I deleted an entire folder of important data. This folder had many child folders. All of these folders were full of important files for me. Don’t do this! I won’t bore you with the details of this long, dumb […]

Persisting variable values with AVR’s Static() keyword

Another article in this issue of the ASNA newsletter discusses AVR for .NET’s Shared() keyword. In addition to Shared(), there is another little-known, but valuable, variable-related keyword to consider, Static(). Let’s start with a quiz. What is the output of the following code? The output to the above code is 1 three times (you all should have gotten this one […]