The ASNA Timeline

From the beginning in 1982 when ASNA started life as Amalgamated Software of North America, the company has led the charge for innovation for IBM midrange computers. ASNA is passionate about providing solutions that modernize, extend, and migrate your IBM i (and the AS/400, iSeries, and System i).

Some of ASNA's significant achievements over the years include:

  • Monarch 11.0 for .NET

    Synon Escape 11.0 for .NET

    Monarch and Synon Escape 11.0 are major upgrades--both support .NET

    Encore RPG introduced

    New RPG/C# engine for Monarch

    Visual RPG for .NET Framework 17.0

  • Visual RPG for .NET 16.0

    Wings 10.0 for .NET Framework

    Mobile RPG 10.0 for .NET Framework

    Synon Escape 10.0 for .NET Framework

    Synon model-driven IBM i RPG application migration suite

  • ASNA distributor opens in Japan

    Mr. Mitsunari Wataru, based in Japan, is our first distributor in the Pacific Rim.

    Synon Escape 9.0 for .NET Framework debuts

  • Wings 9.0 for .NET Framework

    Mobile RPG 9.0 for .NET Framework

    Monarch 9.0 for .NET Framework

  • Visual RPG for .NET Framework 15.0

  • Wings 8.0 for .NET Framework

    This version introduces the Wings Spooled File Viewer

    Mobile RPG 8.0 for .NET Framework

    Visual for .NET Framework 14.0

  • Visual RPG for .NET Framework 12.0

    Monarch 7.0 for .NET Framework

  • Wings 7.0 for .NET Framework

    Mobile RPG 7.0 for .NET Framework

  • Mobile RPG 6.0 for .NET Framework debuts

    Mobile RPG enables creation of IBM i mobile apps with RPG

  • Visual RPG for .NET Framework 11.0

    Monarch 6.0 for .NET Framework

  • Visual RPG 5.0 for COM

    Wings 6.0 for .NET Framework

  • Monarch 5.0 for .NET Framework

    Wings 5.0 for .NET Framework debuts

    Wings adds a browser-based user interface to existing IBM i RPG applications
  • Carlos Valero becomes CEO/President of ASNA, Inc

    Carlos was previously the ASNA distributor in Spain since 1999
  • Visual RPG for .NET Framework 9.0

  • Monarch 4.0 for .NET Framework

  • Visual RPG for .NET Framework 8.0

    Monarch 3.0 for .NET Framework

  • Monarch 2.0 for .NET Framework

    Monarch 1.0 for .NET Framework

    ASNA migration suite for AS/400 RPG applications to .NET Framework

    ASNA Global Services Team formed

    IBM i migration and modernization services available
  • Visual RPG for .NET Framework 7.0

    ASNA introduces the only RPG compiler for .NET Framework 1.0

    ASNA is a charter member of the Microsoft Midrange Alliance

    A consortium of vendors integrating products into Microsoft Visual Studio

    DataGate for SQL Server introduced

    SQL Server engine for Monarch and Visual RPG
  • Visual RPG 4.0 for COM

  • First ASNApalooza

    First of many ASNA developer conferences

    Visual RPG 3.0 for COM

  • Visual RPG 2.0 for COM

  • Visual RPG 1.0 for COM

    DataGate for AS/400 introduced

    ASNA Sales and Corporate team move from California to San Antonio, TX

  • ASNA Visual RPG for COM debuts at COMMON in Las Vegas

    Windows-based graphical application COM development environment for the AS/400
  • ASNA R&D moves from California to San Antonio, TX

  • DataGate for Unix

    Our first "modernization product!"
    A database engine for migrating AS/400 apps to Unix
  • Manipul8 for S/36

    Generic file editor for the AS/400

    Exterminate for AS/400

    First source-level debugger for the AS/400
  • Active8 for System/36

    S/36 job management utility
  • BitTree patent granted

    Acceler8's indexing scheme

    An RPG pre-processor for S/34 and later the S/36
  • Acceler8 for S/34

    A drop-in replacing for S/34 file indexing
  • Termin8

    S/34 job management utility
  • ASNA opens its doors

    The company was started in Newport Beach, California

    First ASNA patent for Accler8 for S/34

    The first of many ASNA patents