ASNA Browser Terminal

ASNA Browser Terminal in action ASNA Browser Terminal rendering a traditional character-based IBM i display

ASNA Browser Terminal™ (BTerm) is a 5250 emulator that is as at home on a tablet as it is on your desktop. It provides very simple end-user connectivity to the IBM i and renders either the IBM i's traditional character-based display or ASNA Wings modernized displays.  BTerm's benefits include:

Browser Terminal benefits

  • Optimized for tablets. When using BTerm on a tablet, a swipe of your fingertips across its screendisplays a customizable 5250-specific touch-sensitive “keyboard.” Function key prompts are rendered as tappable areas as well (these areas are clickable in desktop browsers).
  • Customizable colors and behaviors. ASNA BTerm’s color pallet is fully customizable, as is its browser “skin.” It’s easy to change background colors and even add your own corporate logoacross the top of the display.
  • Server-based convenience. ASNA BTerm is hosted on a Windows Web server and its installation is completely isolated from user client devices and desktops. Once installed on the server, no other end-user client installation or configuration is required. Your users simply direct a browser to your BTerm URL and provide sign-in credentials. That’s all there is to it! Need another session? Just open another browser tab. Any one user can have multiple concurrent sessions on the same desktop or tablet.
  • Secure. BTerm is server-based and by default stores no user credentials in desktop browsers or mobile devices. It works with either HTTP or HTTPS. To ensure full security when using ASNA BTerm across public networks use it with HTTPS. With BTerm and HTTPS, your users get a secure IBM i connection without using a VPN.
  • Free for five users. ASNA BTerm is free for the first five users. We think that once you see the power and convenience of our emulator on a tablet, you’ll want this power for all of your users!