ASNA's Migration Services has the skills and tools needed for a successful application migration

ASNA’s Services Team has application migration specialists who can help you push your existing estate applications and/or database to Microsoft .NET.

Application Migration Services

Our primary migration solutions are:

  • Migrating IBM i RPG to .NET.  This includes migrating RPG/400, ILE RPG, or Synon/Cool:2E/CA 2E  to C# or ASNA Visual RPG. We have superb tools that automate much of these types of conversions.
  • Migrating/rewriting ASNA Visual RPG COM apps to .NET.  This includes migrating/rewriting ASNA Visual RPG Classic to either ASNA Visual RPG for .NET or C#. Depending your AVR Classic use of third-party controls, a migration m

We can help you migrating:

  • IBM i RPG to .NET
  • Synon/Cool:2E/CA 2E to .NET
  • IBM i DB2 to SQL Server
  • Visual RPG Classic to Visual RPG for .NET
  • Visual RPG for .NET to C#
  • And many others

We’ve been doing application and database migrations for many years. Our experience has taught us that the most successful migration projects use team member resources effectively:

  • Our migration team has years of hard-won experience migrating code
  • Your team years of hard-won experience working with your application.

Together, our Services Team and your development team can do great things.

ASNA solves your IBM i headache!

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