It’s Your Move

Making decisions about your mission critical RPG applications is exceedingly challenging. Those who commit to making these decisions before crisis-mode sets in will be far better off than those who wait until the last minute.

IBM Is Little Help With IBM i Application Modernization

IBM is doing a great job with new technologies to persist the IBM i. Alas, it isn’t doing much to persist existing RPG applications into the future. IBM leaves it to you to ensure that your RPG applications, and your business, can persist without RPG programmers.

Striving for IBM i Programming Team Harmony

Any decision you make about the future of your IBM i’s RPG application requires the willful cooperation and help of both your RPG and PC programming teams. Start now integrating these teams to lay the groundwork for cooperation and support.

Can You Trust Your IBM i RPG Team to Provide Valuable Advice

You need reliable and solid input about your IBM i RPG application to make effective decisions about it. Unfortunately, those who know the most about the application can’t always be counted on to provide you with the most critical, effective input.

An IBM RPG/Midrange Products Timeline

To fully appreciate the dilemma facing IBM i decision makers today, it helps to have an overview of the history of IBM’s RPG computer language and its midrange hardware. You might be surprised to learn that IBM’s midrange RPG platform has roots back to the late 50s.

Avoid your IBM i RPG Crisis

ASNA is in its fourth decade as a market leader and innovator for IBM midrange systems. Our IBM i migration suites provide the perfect way for you to avoid your IBM i/RPG decade of crisis.

This Is the IBM i RPG Decade of Crisis

By 2030 the typical RPG programmer will be at least 80 years old. The loss of RPG programmers to maintain and enhance IBM RPG applications puts many businesses at great risk.