How to upgrade ASNA DataGate WebPak

The ASNA WebPak is the DataGate client for Windows Servers. It is to Windows servers what the Client Deployment binary is to Windows clients. The WebPak should be installed on any Web server on which you’ve deployed an AVR ASP.NET Website/Web services or Monarch migrations. Installing WebPak is very simple; you just run the WebPak’s executable to install it. Previously-created database names continue to work with a new WebPak install. A Web server does not need multiple versions of WebPak. Windows policies ensures that the highest installed version is always used at runtime–and installing a newer WebPak deletes the previously installed version. End DataGate IBM i end user jobs first […]

Using IBM’s Open Query File with ASNA Visual RPG

Finding records where a field contains a given value is an awkward thing to do with RPG’s record-level access. In either green-screen RPG or ASNA Visual RPG (AVR), the ugly solution is simple, loop over every record in the file checking each field as you go. This works, but have something nearby to keep you occupied while you wait. This article provides an alterative to that record level access using AVR for .NET’s Open Query File.

Installing a second instance of DataGate for IBM i

Please read these instructions completely to ensure a successful co-existing install of ASNA DataGate for IBM i. If you have any questions, please contact us at or give us a call before you start your installation. It is very important to end all existing versions of DataGate that are running before installing a new instance. Starting with DataGate 16.x, the installation procedure ends all exisiting instances of DataGate and starts the one you just installed. See this article for how to end DataGate. During installation, be sure to vary these configuration values: Service table entry name . Be sure to provide service table entry name that is not currently in […]

Using SQL to help identify ASP.NET orphan IBM i jobs

This article provides a potential way to identify orphan IBM i jobs as a result of Database connection leaks in ASP.NET Web applications. We’ve written before about the perils of orphan IBM i jobs before. This article and video discusses a potential way to identify orphan IBM i jobs and this older article also discusses techniques for avoiding orphan jobs. This article provides some diagnostic help locating the cause of orphan jobs. Orphan jobs are challenging to identify. In a large system with many users, it’s possible that you have some orphan jobs and don’t know it–and don’t care. However, it’s also possible that the occasional orphan job could cause intermittent, hard-to-find problems. […]

Running Multiple versions of DataGate

Question Can I run more than one instance of DataGate on my IBM i? Answer Yes. You can run multiple versions of DataGate on the IBM i. The only constraint is that each instance must be assigned to a unique TCP/IP address during installation. While it isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s generally best to install a second instance while no other instances of DataGate are running. In a related footnote, all versions of DataGate on the IBM i use the same caching library, DG8_VCAT72. See this article for more information on DG8_VCAT72. Question Can I run more than one instance of the ASNA WebPak on my Windows Web Server? Answer No–but the answer isn’t as […]

How to change the TCP/IP port that DataGate for IBM i uses

This article explains how to change the TCP/IP port that DataGate uses. See this article for a list of other articles that may be helpful for this task Why would you ever want to change the TCP/IP port? In normal circumstances, you’d generally not ever need to do this. However, consider the scenario of updating from DatGate 15.x to DataGate 16.x. To test DataGate 16.x before you use it in production, install it alongside the existing DataGate 15.x instance, being sure to assign the DataGate 16.x a different TCP/IP port number than what DataGate 15.x is using. Use a special-case ASNA Database Name (created with the DataGate Studio in Visual […]

ASNA Pipeline #4 2021

This newsletter features a Web site that every IBM i manager should read, an upcoming Webcast, some programming tips, a cool new Windows utility, and a great book deal. Happy Holidays All of us at ASNA wish you and yours the happiest of holidays and a very good new year! Take your RPG programs from green to great Wings transforms dreary green screens into modern browser pages that can be served on either the Internet or your local network. This 60-minute hands-on session shows how Wings works and how easy it is to modernize your RPG programs. Wings extends the value of your RPG application portfolio, provides quick results, and is […]

ASNA Pipeline #3 2021

Issue: #3/2021 A tip for changing your application’s database name at runtime and a refreshed version of DataGate for IBM i 16.x are featured in this issue of the ASNA Pipeline. Change an app’s DB name at runtime — without recompiling This article shows how to change a Web or Windows application’s database name at runtime, without needing to recompile or redeploy the application. Change an app’s DB name at runtime ASNA DataGate for IBM i released ASNA DataGate for IBM i has been released and is available for download on the ASNA Website. Some users have reported that previous DataGate versions had intermittent issues starting jobs. This version fixes that […]

Change an app’s DB name at runtime — without recompiling

I’ve seen some crazy code lately that enables the ability to change an application’s database name at runtime. Much of the code I’ve seen makes this way harder than it needs to be. This article provides a simple way to be able to dynamically change your Web or Windows application’s runtime database name without recompiling or redeploying the application. Note that while this article is database name-specific, the same concept can be applied to any application value that you need to be able to change easily at runtime. ASP.NET example Let’s say you have two database names available: A database name for the ASNA Win/Server desktop database for a development […]