ASNA products are refreshed on a regular basis. This page shows the current products and their release dates, as well as platform requirements.
ASNA Mobile RPG is a mobile application suite for the IBM i. It enables RPG programmers to create smartphone and tablet applications with nothing but ILE RPG. Mobile RPG provides a screen design aid on which you drag and drop various UI elements onto the screens you're building. After creating the mobile displays they are exported to the IBM i as traditional display objects. This article introduces you to the many controls that Mobile RPG offers.
It is a cardinal sin to ever store a user's password in plain text. Stored in plain text, a user's password is available to anyone from hackers sniffing network traffic to internal, disgruntled employees. Once these bad folks have clear text passwords they can easily get into associated accounts. Modern applications today need to use cryptographically secure hashed passwords. Let's take a look at the abstract definition of how this works, then we'll look at the very few lines of AVR for .NET code required to implement it (thanks to the .NET Framework).
You can often learn a lot from a simple little exercise. In this article, let's consider three ways to split a string in AVR for .NET. Our need is to split a full name field into two fields, one for the first name one for the last name. Initially, let's use the string 'Neil Young'.