ASNA released Visual RPG for .NET 16.x (AVR) a couple of months ago. This is the version of AVR for .NET that supports Visual Studio 2019. This release brings these changes:

  • Visual RPG for .NET version 14.x is now retired. It will still work for you as it has been (on supported platforms) but if you have any technical issues, it's possible that you'll need to upgrade to a supported version of AVR to get them resolved.
  • Microsoft has discontinued its free Integrated/Isolated Visual Studio Shell. These shells are no longer available for Visual Studio 2019.
  • The Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition no longer supports AVR for .NET, Wings, Mobile RPG, Monarch, and Synon Escape. This issue and the discontinuance of the Visual Studio shells mean you'll need to use a commercial version to use these ASNA products.
  • The Microsoft ActionPack may be a good way for you to buy MS products such as Visual Studio. For qualified partners, it offers nice discounts. Read about the MS Action Pack
  • The Visual RPG Upgrade Assistant has been discontinued as of AVR for .NET 16.x. The Upgrade Assistant has been available for many years and customer activity with it has diminished dramatically. It is still available with AVR for .NET 15.x. Please ensure you've done all you need to do with the Upgrade Assistant before moving to AVR for .NET 16.x. AVR 15.x supports Windows 10; using its version of the Upgrade Assistant will persist well into the foreseeable future. Also note that anything you create with AVR 15.x and its Upgrade Assistant can easily be upgraded to AVR 16.x later.

As an aside, we know of a few customers running ASNA DataGate Studio, in a currently-available Visual Studio Shell (and there may be some running it inside Visual Studio Community Edition). While you could buy a commercial version of Visual Studio 2019 for your server for DataGate Studio, that's using a pretty big, and costly, hammer to use DataGate Studio on your server data. Rather than doing that. we recommend using DataGate Studio inside a desktop version of Visual Studio and then connecting remotely to your server data (just like your clients do). DataGate Studio works fine like that.