Letter from the President:

Hello again everyone

While the world economic news is not so good and it seems that no one can avoid its affects, ASNA International is trying to make the best of it.  This is why we sponsored the first European ASNApalooza.

In May, we held the first ASNA European Palooza in Barcelona.  It came as a pleasant surprise how many people attending the conference really appreciated having speakers and representatives from both ASNA USA and ASNA International.

The most important thing was the great representation of customers from across Europe, Israel, Turkey and USA.  And all of them eager to learn and make the most of the two days of technical sessions.

ASNApalooza also allowed me to personally greet many of our international clients, whom I do not normally see, and to talk to them about the needs they encounter in their businesses.  I received truly privileged information to share with ASNA which later can be included in our products.

Now is the most difficult task for all: to carry out those projects that will keep your businesses running smoothly.  Of course, ASNA International is ready to help our clients and our friends to successfully complete those projects.

So, I wish all of you a happy summer, and remember that ASNA International is here to work with you.

Carlos Valero


News across Europe:

Palooza Presentations

Anne Ferguson

As many of you were not able to join us in Barcelona due to current economics we are making the Palooza presentations available to you.  Simply follow the link below.  Presentations are available in English, Spanish and German.  You will also find a link to the Palooza Photo Album

Generating Applications

Christian Neissl

Assume you are a project-manager and you need to create 30 file maintenance programs for 30 data files. If you put three programmers onto the task, it is likely the 30 programs will assume more than a single structure. If you ever have been in this situation, you know this is true – but what can you do to avoid this?
One solution is to create directives – to the consternation of your programming team.  If you don’t want to lose time on frivolous discussions and you want to accelerate development by automating non-creative work, then you can simply generate standard-routines that will streamline your application development.

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News from USA:

Free Live Wecast

Is time running out on your green-screen RPG applications?

July 27 2010 - 19:00 UK 20:00 CET

On Tuesday, July 27th, ASNA’s Roger Pence will present a free Webcast to discuss the tough decisions that need to be made about your System i RPG applications. In this Webcast, Roger presents the case that only four options dictate the fate of your RPG application portfolio:

ASNAPalooza, San Antonio, USA

October 7-8 2010

ASNApalooza is where the cream of the crop of ASNA users and developers meet to share ideas, solutions, and programming and business ideas. ASNApalooza speakers bring real-world experience to their sessions and will help to provide you with the solutions to many of your AVR and migration challenges.

Technical Center:

An Introduction to the New DataGate Studio

Tim Jannsen

One of the major developments to be rolled out by ASNA this year is the new DataGate Studio.  As the replacement of the old, dated DataGate Database Manager, DataGate Studio employs the Visual Studio 2008 (and soon VS 2010) Shell as its execution environment.  Using Visual Studio provides more of a standard look and feel, and a certain amount of predictability to DataGate Management functions.  As a developer, it also makes sense to have all of DataGate’s administrative functions conveniently at your finger tips while you are working with your .NET projects.

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ASNA to ship Visual RPG 10 early this Summer

Eduardo Ross

ASNA, a Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner, recently announced plans to ship ASNA Visual RPG 10 (AVR) in July, 2010. This version of AVR works with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Case Study:

This month our Case Study is from Cegeka

Cortex uses ASNA Visual RPG to add life and value to core iSeries applications

Cortex is a Belgium-based software company and system integrator and member of the Cegeka Group. For more than 25 years, Cortex has specialized in providing total solutions for clinical laboratories and hospitals. A long-time AS/400 and iSeries proponent, Cortex’s state-of-the art iSeries-based software provides such solutions as clinical laboratory management, blood bank management, clinical consulting organization and management, and many other clinical reporting and research related tasks.

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