To all ASNA customers,

Spring is a great time of the year. It makes everything feel new again and fills you with energy. And that’s just the way we’re feeling at ASNA right now.

The community that we’ve built around our customers is very important to us here at ASNA. As part of our continued investment in that community, we’re excited to announce that ASNApalooza 2011 will be held this year in England at the Arora Gatwick Hotel. Our non-US customer base has grown substantially over the last couple of years and we’re looking forward to seeing many new faces in England this fall.

Palooza 2011 features great speakers such as Eduardo Ross, Tim Jannsen, Christian Neissl, and Roger Pence. We’ll also be announcing other special guests later. Palooza 2011 will feature many high-quality technical sessions and great peer-to-peer networking opportunities. Palooza is a great opportunity to discuss your application development/modernization challenges with the experts from ASNA and from our global ASNA community.

For US customers: don’t despair! We haven’t forgotten you. Planning is currently underway for ASNApalooza 2012 in San Antonio; we’ll be announcing that event soon. Having said that, we’d also like to issue you a special invitation to attend ASNApalooza 2011 in London this year. Yes, it probably costs a little more to fly to London than it does San Antonio, but you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that trans-continental airfare isn’t as expensive as you think. This could be a great chance for you to attend Palooza and experience a little of England as well. If you can’t get to London to join us this fall, we promise a great US-based event in Spring 2012!

I hope to see you all at ASNApalooza in London this fall. It’s going to be a great event with great content, great receptions, and great learning opportunities!


Anne Ferguson

How to Test Drive Wings™ at ASNA

Got i 6.1 or better? Got Open Access for RPG (OAR)? If your answer is “no” to either question, then you are probably wondering how you could have a firsthand look at ASNA’s Wings.

Wings, as a consumer of OAR technology, does indeed depend upon those minimum IBM ioperating system and product requirements. But you do not have to upgrade your IBM i to be able to see if Wings is the product for you.

ASNA will provide you a slot on one of its IBM i systems running i 7.1 and OAR and you can check out Wings running some of your own application. All you have to do is put together a single library with some programs that represent your application, along with the source code and needed files. Save it all into a SAVF and load it up onto ASNA’s IBM i. ASNA provides a simple, easy to follow check list to get you going.

Then you can start using Wings right away. It’s as easy as that!

So, talk to your ASNA representative now to arrange a Wings test drive.

Case Study

Worley Warehousing uses ASNA Wings to modernize its RPG application portfolio

Worley Warehousing is one of the US’s leading third-party logistics providers. In business since 1977, many of the world’s most respected companies, and many small businesses, depend on Worley Warehousing’s services to keep their businesses running smoothly. A long-time IBM i shop, Worley Warehousing recently turned to ASNA’s Wings to provide a better UI and improved remote user access. Click here to read the story of how Worley Warehousing is using Wings.

Click here to read full Case Study

Technical Tip

How to add double-click subfile actions to Wings applications

ASNA Wings lets you quickly and easily modernize the UI presented by ILE RPG program. Wings uses IBM’s Rational Open Access for RPG Edition to replace the traditional green-screen display file with a browser-based alternative. Because Wings uses Open Access, all RPG logic and file IO remain on the IBM i. Read more about Wings here.

Wings is designed to provide an attractive UI without performing any hand-coding. The overall theme of a modernized application can easily be repeated across many applications. Thus, once have
ing established things such as the corporate images to display, the way you want your pages displayed, and page color scheme, these attributes are easily propagated across all of the applications that you modernized with Wings.

It’s nice, but…

Thus, out of the box, ASNA Wings provides a substantially improved UI over its green screen equivalent. However, functionally it performs pretty much the same as before. Wings does add minor improvements such as adding drop-downs for subfile action selection and calendar date prompting. Most Wings customers, though, want more. They want to further increase both the functionality and cosmetic appeal of the core UI that Wings offers.

We call this taking the UI to the next step “providing additional modernization.” That is, now the core UI is in the browser and looking good (without any touching so far), let’s take a little time to touch-up a few things by hand to make it look even better and do more things. Over the next several months we’ll be releasing several “recipes” on how to do this additional modernization. While this additional modernization needs to be done by hand, our goal is to minimize how much hand work is required and make these improvements easy to push out to all of your Wings’ modernized applications.

Read the details of this recipe here.

Customer Spotlight

Getting to know: Dan Burnhardt, Worley Warehousing, IT Director

By Roger Pence

Dan Burnhardt

Dan Burnhardt

Dan Burnhardt learned how to program RPG like many of us did: one line at a time with a coding template in his back pocket and lots of green bar source listings littering his desk.

After spending four years in the Marines, Dan considered a career as a physical therapist. But a close look at the duration of the curriculum convinced Dan he could more quickly learn programming (and therefore more quickly be bringing home a paycheck!). Giving Dan a peek into his future, even the Marine Corps aptitude tests indicated he’d probably make a good programmer. The Marines were right.

Dan’s been with computers ever since. For the last ten years, Dan’s been the IT Director for Worley Warehousing. Dan is a long-time IBM i expert, not just as a programmer, but also as an administrator and operations manager. Dan is currently leading the Wings initiative at Worley Warehousing (see [Worley case study] elsewhere in this issue).