To all ASNA customers,

We at ASNA are happy to report that we have completed the move to our new offices in San Antonio. Our new address is:

14210 Northbrook Drive
San Antonio, TX 78232

Our phone numbers and email addresses remain unchanged.

This is a welcome move for us, as we now have the added office space we need for the new employees joining us at ASNA. In addition to more room, our new office affords us lots of open space and desk-to-desk transparency. Even with the additional space, we’ve already run into our first GOOD problem that our Visual RPG.NET training class for September is sold out and we have standing room only. So, any time you’re in San Antonio, drop by and visit our new office. We’d be proud to give you a tour.


Anne Ferguson

ASNA presents Wings half-day workshops in Raleigh/Durham and Cincinnati

ASNA announces two free ASNA Wings half-day workshops in Raleigh/Durham and Cincinnati on September 28th and 29th, respectively. In these workshops ASNA’s Roger Pence will show how to use ASNA Wings to modernize RPG green-screen user interfaces. These workshops follow two previous, very successful, half-day workshops in Chicago and New York City last May.

ASNA Wings is a revolutionary new product that modernizes IBM i RPG character-based user interfaces. Wings is a member of the ASNA Monarch family of RPG modernization products. Using IBM’s Open Access RPG Edition, all RPG programming logic and file IO remains on the IBM i. ASNA Wings converts green screens into browser-based replacements.

In these fast-paced, hands-on workshops, Roger explains IBM’s Open Access, Wings’ architecture, and then shows how to use Wings. He’ll also show how to add vital enhancements to the presentation layer- without needing to change or retest your server-side RPG logic. He’ll also discuss the business reasons for application modernization and how Wings fits into your long-term application migration strategy.

ASNApalooza 2011 agenda announced

ASNApalooza Speaker

ASNApalooza 2011 is being held this year at the Arora Gatwick/Crawley hotel (outside of London) on October 20th and 21st. This year’s conference theme is “Planning for the future while preserving the past.”

Click here to see ASNApalooza session abstracts.

For those of you US-bound, don’t forget that ASNApalooza will be back in San Antonio, at the ever-popular Riverwalk, again in the spring of 2012

ASNA/System i Network Application Modernization Webcast coming on September 7th

On Wednesday, September 7th, ASNA’s Roger Pence will be participating with System i Network’s Mel Beckman in the Webcast, “RPG Application Modernization in the 21st Century.” Mel will provide an overview discussion of application modernization concerns and issues and Roger will provide an ASNA case study showing how an ASNA customer is solving its application modernization issues with ASNA Monarch.

ASNA to present at IBM i DevCon

ASNA will be in Las Vegas on November 2-4. We’ll be making a 90-minute presentation to attendees about Wings there.

Read more about IBM i DevCon here.

Wings technical tip

Wings provides a way to quickly convert a character field to a checkbox. This facility lets you easily transform:

Read the full article here.

ASNA is now an official Rational Open Access for RPG Edition reseller

ASNA recently became an official reseller of IBM’s Rational Open Access RPG Edition. By reselling Open Access, ASNA makes it much easier for customers to acquire the product. Rather than dealing with an unknown person on the other end of an IBM 800 number, ASNA can quickly and easily help you get Open Access.

Despite the power and importance of Open Access, its distribution and availability from IBM has been a sore point for many. Regarding the marketing and availability of Open Access, IBM i journalist Dan Burger says in the July 25, 2011 issue of “The Four Hundred” newsletter, “For a corporation that markets the heck out of “Smarter Planet,” how can they be so dumb?”

Says ASNA US President Anne Ferguson, “It’s true that initially IBM was a little clumsy with the marketing and distribution of Open Access. But by making ASNA an Open Access reseller, IBM is resolving the problem in the best way possible. All a customer needs to do now to get Open Access is give us a call! We are the one-stop shop for acquiring Open Access and getting Wings, the best Open Access-based product on the market!”

Although IBM recently announced that it now has a 70-day trial copy of Open Access available for customers, ASNA will continue to offer a test IBM i platform for customers and prospects to use to give Open Access and Wings a test drive. This test platform saves you from needing to install and configure Open Access-it provides with you with a fast, simple path into trying out Wings and Open Access.

Strategic Guidance for AVR Classic

To help AVR Classic customers plan for the future of their AVR Classic applications, ASNA will soon be offering its Strategic Guidance for AVR Classic whitepaper. The purpose of this document is to detail the products and services to be available from ASNA that will help customers with:

  • The persistence of their COM-based Windows applications
  • The path forward to the .NET Framework

Although Microsoft has not supported the VB 6 IDE for three years, ASNA is committed to supporting its AVR Classic IDE for Windows application development for as long as it is technically possible to do so. We also firmly recommend that AVR Classic customers have a long-term strategy to target .NET with their new application development-because our commitment to AVR Classic ultimately relies upon the Microsoft decisions it makes for the future of its COM support.

A part of ASNA’s strategic guidance for AVR Classic customers is the planned release of ASNA AVR Classic 5.0. This version would introduce modifications to AVR Classic to enable it to provide a better development and runtime experience on Windows 7 and beyond.