RPG & DB2 Summit

This is a highly interactive conference devoted exclusively to the needs of RPG & DB2 development teams. Brought to you by System i Developer, a consortium of the top independent experts on System i technology. Its mission: to bring you the finest education, custom training and services focused exclusively on RPG and DB2 techniques that will keep your software applications vibrant and innovative. Come to see for yourself why people are so enthusiastic about this refreshingly different event.

Learn how to progress initiatives such as modernization, Web, going mobile and improving business analytics - and walk away with the technical skills to make it happen.

Spark new energy and inspire collaboration to meet your most challenging development goals within your team by learning from the industry's premier experts - Susan Gantner, Jon Paris, and Paul Tuohy. Called intense, invigorating and rejuvenating by attendees, the Summit focuses on the critical skills you need for today's work. RPG IV, SQL, DB2, ILE, PHP, RSE/RDi, Web-enablement techniques and mobilizing RPG apps. . . loads of practical, detailed information that you can apply as soon as you return to the office.

100% Pure RPG & DB2-Oriented Curriculum

Learn everything you need to know to achieve peak RPG and DB2 efficiency with your applications. You'll hear the latest on RPG, ILE, DB2, SQL and how to move to the Web, as well as how and why to use advanced features. You'll go deep into tips and techniques that help you work smarter and faster. You'll find out how RSE, WDSC and RDi can become an RPGer's best friend. Move over Java and .NET - there's no room for you in this curriculum!

Immediately Applicable Knowledge

We're not here to talk theory or predict development trends five years from now. What you'll pick up is information you can take back to the office and use immediately on current projects. Yes, we'll give you sound advice on the best way to architect your applications for future flexibility (hint: you need to embrace RPG IV, RSE and SQL), but you won't hear us say that your future is to switch to Java. Your future starts with fully exploiting the power of RPG!

Interactive, Expert Instructors

We've pulled together the premier gurus in the industry to bring you the latest intelligence on all the technologies that matter to you most. You won't find ivory tower experts here! We thrive on meeting people who share our enthusiasm for System i development and on brainstorming ways to solve sticky challenges. You'll have plenty of opportunities to chat with us and get expert advice. 

Networking Opportunities

We've scheduled lunches, breaks, cocktails, and dinners to maximize the time you can spend networking with the speakers, your peers, and the vendors who support System i development. You'll be surprised how much you can learn by talking with a diverse group of people, all keen on improving the use of RPG and DB2. Sharing ideas keeps your job fun and the System i community vital.

Concise, 3-Day Agenda

Can't afford to dedicate 5 days to a conference? The RPG & DB2 Summit offers a concise agenda that delivers significant detail on all of the topics relevant to you in just three days. Hey, a conference that's as efficient as RPG itself! 

Affordable Education

In these days of tight IT budgets, managers insist on great value for their training dollar. We priced the RPG & DB2 Summit accordingly, and we selected a venue that's comfortable, but not extravagant. We hope your entire development team can take advantage of this opportunity to refresh core skills. 

If you're serious about learning new skills that you can apply as soon as you get back to the office - without breaking the budget - this is the conference for you.