This class teaches how to use ASNA Visual RPG for .NET (AVR) to create Windows applications. It is especially aimed at students who have experience with ASNA Visual RPG Classic; but that experience isn’t a prerequisite. The overall goal of the class is to introduce students to creating Windows forms programs with AVR for .NET. This knowledge can then be used to either create new Windows applications from scratch or to use the ASNA Upgrade Assistant for porting an AVR Classic application to .NET.

What this class typically covers

This class covers how to create Windows forms applications with AVR for .NET–it doesn’t cover any Web development–we offer a separate Web development class. This class covers how to use AVR’s dialect of RPG to connect to the IBM i to create Windows applications. These fat-client applications are then deployed to end-user desktops. The class covers all you need to know to create interactive applications that provide secure, effective, and fast read/write RPG record-level database access. Some of the specifics in this class include:

  • The basics of Visual Studio
  • Understanding AVR’s RPG syntax
  • How to read and write to physical and logical files
  • How to use many of the most popular Windows controls (these provide the user interface for your application and includes elements such as buttons, text boxes, the tab control, and drop-down lists)
  • The basics of some of the object-oriented principles in AVR
  • Best practices for debugging and deploying Windows applications

For AVR Classic users

Porting applications to AVR for .NET from AVR Classic requires a solid working knowledge of AVR for .NET before the port is started. The core programming models between AVR Classic and AVR for .NET is fundamentally different. This includes important facilities such as program structure, controls, database connectivity, and subfiles. Beyond broad facilities, differences are also pervasive through even the most minor of programming facilities. During the porting process, you’ll need to make many well-informed decisions about .NET, thus a successful port requires a solid, working knowledge of ASNA Visual RPG. This class lays the groundwork for this working knowledge.

Class logistics

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