How to calculate date/time differences in Visual RPG for .NET

.NET offers superb date calculation capabilities. This article take a look at how to use the System.TimeSpan structure to calculate date and time durations.

How to test that DataGate is working for your ASP.NET Web site

Resolving issues with Web applications is challenging work. There is so much to go wrong. This article introduces a single ASPX that shows if DataGate is working for your Web app.

Tres formas de dividir una cadena con AVR para .NET

A menudo puedes aprender mucho de un pequeño ejercicio simple. En este artículo, consideremos tres formas de dividir una cadena en AVR para .NET. Nuestra necesidad es dividir un campo de nombre completo en dos campos, uno para el nombre y otro para el apellido. Inicialmente, usemos la cadena 'Neil Young'.

Galería de controles ASNA Mobile RPG

Este artículo muestra alguno de los muchos controles de interfaz de usuario que proporciona ASNA Mobile RPG para construir la interfaz de usuario de una aplicación móvil.

Cómo hash usa contraseñas de usuario con AVR para .NET

Este artículo muestra cómo obtener y usar la clase Microsoft System.Web.Helpers.Crypto para crear contraseñas cifradas criptográficamente seguras.


ASNA Visual RPG for .NET and ASNA Visual RPG have an`OSEXEC` operation code. This article shows a few techniques for building good command lines for OSEXEC.

DataGate for IBM i and DataGate for SQL Server differences

This article shows functional differences between ASNA's DataGate for IBM i and DataGate for SQL Server and programming considerations.

Understanding AVR for .NET's shared class members

Not only do AVR for .NET shared class members generate a lot of questions for us in ASNA tech support, but their misuse cause AVR for .NET programmers grief and consternation. This article takes a look at exactly what shared members are and when to use them.

Effective numeric input for AVR for .NET Windows apps

This article shows how to add culture-specific decimal number input to your ASNA Visual RPG for .NET Windows apps.

Capturing user signatures in an IBM i mobile app

This article shows how to use ASNA Mobile RPG to capture a user signature in an IBM i mobile application. Very little ILE RPG code is required to perform the signature capture.

Configure Windows Defender for AVR Web development

The Windows Defender's feature called "Controlled folder access" can cause problems trying to create Web sites with ASNA Visual RPG and Visual Studio. This article shows how to resolve this issue.

A guide to using CSS custom Properties

CSS custom properties are essentially variables you can declare in your CSS. They can dramatically reduce redundancy and increase flexibility in your CSS files. Except for IE 11, all of the major browsers now fully support CSS custom properties. Let's take a closer look.